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guess-comp1.jpgHere's a puzzler for you. The Sun have run an article about a new ITV prank show called 'Anonymous', and one of our very own Corrie favourites is taking part. Dressed up in a blonde wig and pink tracksuit, this cast member is barely recognisable! But can you tell who the devious prankster is?

Take a guess and I'll give you the correct answer later today! Comment below.

Something gleaned from the wayback machine, a photo of a Coronation Street actor taken in his early days. The caption to the photo says it was taken in 1963. Can you figure out who is the man on the right, in the cap? Click through the link below to find out if you are right!


Nintendo Street?

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nintendo-ds-2.jpgComing to a Nintendo DS near you, probably by the end of the year, a Coronation Street game! Described as "an adventure and task based concept set within the theme of the famous fictional street", the publisher, Mindscape, is hoping it will take off with the public. Corrie is one of the top televisions shows and is watched by a great majority of viewers in the U.K. so there are plenty of fans out there to target the game to. This isn't out of the blue, either. Apparently they have had loads of letters and inquiries asking for something based on the popular show. They've done this with other telly series too, such as Deal or No Deal and Ready Steady Cook which is a bit odd but it's out there. What do you think? Will it be on your Christmas list? It should be available by the end of the year according to the press release. (Q4 means fourth Quarter, sometime after October). Sounds like Fun and Games to me!

Part 1
- Which flower did Jack say should remind people of Vera? [a snowdrop]
- Who was at Liam's stag do? [Liam, cousin Tom, dad Barry, nephew(ish) Ryan, Steve, Jamie, Kirk and Dev]
- Who was at the birth of baby Dylan? [Sean, Marcus, Liz, Vernon, Eileen and Lauren]
- How much did Leanne reckon Valandro's was worth? [£70k]
- Where did Roger and Janice go for a holiday in March? [Formby]
- Who did Betty compare to a bar of fruit and nut? [Dev]
- How many jobs has Leanne had this year? [4 - Valandro's, the bookies, the pub, selling flats]
- What's the name of Teresa's violent partner? [Gary]
- Where did Liz go for a holiday after the break up of her marriage to Vernon? [Jersey]
- Who used to have a dog called Susan? [Tina]
- What's the name of Liam and Tom's business? [LadRags]
- Kevin and Sally got a postcard while Rosie was missing. It was in Rosie's handwriting - but where was it posted? [Holyhead]
- How much did Peter Barlow inherit from Lucy? [£250,000]

12-3-liam-holds-bra-2.jpgIt's the final part of our huge festive quiz. Pit your wits against the last bunch of questions, and check back on 2 January for the answers.

1.What was the "something blue" Maria had at her wedding?

2.What pattern was Jamie's car decorated with?

3.Who was suspended from the factory over the knicker nicking incident?

4.What is Gail's favourite flower?

5.How much did Tony Gordon have to stump up to the bat charity?

6.What was the name of Ted Paige's late partner?

awardscups.jpgThe 2008 Corrieblog Awards was a resounding success and we thank everyone that participated. We've now rolled out the cobbled carpet and are ready to present the awards, voted by you, Corrieblog readers. If you want to refresh your memories, the Character nominations are here and the Storyline nominations here.

1. Best Comedy Team - Blanche and Deirdre
Becky and Roy, Steve and Lloyd were runnersup, write-in suggestions were Blanche and Ken, Lloyd and Eileen. A particularly entertaining missive was "Blanche is a vile little ghoul!"

Most Annoying Character - Michelle Connor
Close behind were Lauren, Clarissa and Rosie with Dev as a write-in suggestion.

Best New Character, Short Term - Teresa Morton, by a handy majority
Marcus was popular in second place and Eileen's dad Colin got a look in.

25-2-JamieVioletDylan.jpgHow have you been doing so far? Here's day four of our massive Christmas trivia quiz. Answers on 2 January.

1.What flavour crisps did Violet crave when she was pregnant?

2.Who had a nut allergy?

3.Who said all he ever wanted was "an uncomplicated life, a nice wife, decent motor, a lie-in on a Sunday"?

4.What abnormal thing did Chesney's foster mother put on porridge?

5.What did Roy use as a weapon against the building site?

liam maria 11-feb11.jpgPart 3 of our huge Corrie trivia quiz. Answers on 2 January.

1.What music was playing at the start of Liam and Maria's wedding?

2.Which of the factory girls had a date with both Dan Mason and Harry Mason?

3.Describe Paul Clayton's underwear.

4."A big stone in a park and a prostitute." What was Becky talking about?

5.What injury did Ken receive in David Platt's rampage?

6.What football team did Liam support?

alex 1-2.jpgHow did you do yesterday? Ready for part 2 of the quiz? All the answers can be found in the episode reviews during the year. There'll be a full list of answers on 2 January.

1.When the police caught Alex shoplifting and brought him back to the Rovers, what had he stolen?

2.What does Mammy Connor credit for the lovely glossy black hair of her children?

3.What was the name of the boyfriend Tina had before David?

4.According to Steve, what is "the beauty of having sons?"

jack vera 13-Jan2.jpgHow carefully were you concentrating on Coronation Street this year? The answers to all of these questions (more tomorrow) can be found in the episode reviews. Answers on 2 January.

1.Which flower did Jack say should remind people of Vera?

2.Who was at Liam's stag do?

3.Who was at the birth of baby Dylan?

4.How much did Leanne reckon Valandro's was worth (before it burned down)?

5.Where did Roger and Janice go for a holiday in March?

26_12_brazilian-crunch.jpgLiz McDonald has been going on about her Brazilian Crunch classes for ages. New barmaid Poppy is also a devotee of the (fictional) salsa-based exercise regime, and the two of them are looking very fit and toned as a result.

Liz is even going to rope in Lloyd, and next week we'll finally get to see what the inside of a Brazilian Crunch class looks like. What it looks like is fun - not too taxing, can be done to any old music the DJ happens to bring with him, and appears to be particularly good for the cleavage, if the amount on show during the class is anything to go by.

We know that ITV are keen to get lots of Corrie merchandise going. Rovers-themed pubs, Underworld lingerie and so on. So what about a Brazilian Crunch exercise DVD? Bev Callard is no stranger to the world of the home exercise DVD, so she'd do a lovely job of presenting it.

Expect to be crunching around your living room in the not-too-distant future.

questionmark.jpgAnyone who's read Corrieblog for very long will know all about my - sadly unrequited - true love thang for Rob James-Collier (Liam), officially the World's Third Most Beautiful Man (after Keanu Reeves and Damon Albarn).

But several years ago there was a man on Corrie who made my heart beat just that little bit faster. Ok, so he didn't play the nicest character who's ever lived at number six Coronation Street (there's a clue), but the ways of the heart are strange indeed. Click the continue reading link to find out his identity - and my secret love will be no secret any more.


Careful with that perfume - it turns your hand blue!



Whoever thought of these masks is a genius - they are so completely spooky and unsettling. Now you can scare the neighbours with your own Tony Gordon mask. You can download it from here, and then all you need to do is to print it out, stick it on a bit of cardboard (or mouse mat for authenicity) and away you go!

The same page also has lots of videos and stuff about Liam's departure.

Tony-Gordon-2.jpgI've discovered something terrifying about Tony Gordon - he's not human. And I have the photographic proof.

While watching Coronation Street the other night, Tony's true nature manifested itself as his face began to fragment. Is he from outer space or an android? Was it a glitch in the Matrix, or simply my Sky+ box playing silly beggars? I leave you to decide - click the continue reading link to find out.

But I warn you - it's disturbing viewing.

elsie-110.jpgApparently Hollyoaks has just launched its own brand perfumes, Hollyoaks Him and Hollyoaks Her. I can't quite imagine squirting Hollyoaks Her behind my ears before a big night out, but I'm probably not the target market for it.

It got me to wondering whether Coronation Street was missing a trick by not having its own cosmetics line. Imagine your dad's excitement as he pulled a bottle of Ken Barlow Pour Homme or Dev-elicious out of his Christmas stocking. For the girls you could have Rosie Webster's Parfum de Minx.

It needn't stop at fragrances, either. What about Darryl Morton's Kebab Shop Hair Slop for that ruffled, greasy look? And of course the Connor family (what's left of them) could promote Mammy Connor's Guinness Hair Masque to give your locks that polished ebony look.

Which other Corrie cosmetics can you think of to add to the range?


The other day, Vernon regaled Liz with a song of love, loss and longing entitled "(Don't Fall Into) The Mason's Arms."

It was one of the funniest things I've heard on Coronation Street for ages, and thanks to the miracle of th'internet (and our good friends at Digital Spy), you can hear it as many times as you like by clicking here.


Dev's interest in the IKEA catalogue soon waned

For all the news of what's coming up in Coronation Street, check out our spoilers and sneak previews. And click the comments link to suggest your own caption!


"I've been expecting you, Mr Bond."

Peer into the future with the help of our spoilers and sneak previews. And click the comments link to add your own caption!

question_mark.jpgITV is getting in on the trivia bandwagon, finally. They've launched a quiz site with challenges from various areas of entertainment and sports but they've also got four categories of Coronation Street quizzes. They're telling us all about their Corrie quizzes today with a monthly prize of a signed script for the top entrant on the leader boards. However, from what I can tell, in order to win the prizes you have to be a "premium" member for £3.99 a month. You can still play for free though you should by register, which is also free. The four Corrie categories are Barmaids, Characters, Corrie Families and Best of Corrie. I gave it a quick trial run without registering, played four questions, one of which was a duplicate. Hmm... But then, with randomly generated questions, that's always a possibility. Give it a spin but remember, you can always check out Corrieblog's trivia section for quizzes and little known facts, too!


Something's shocked Becky, Sean and Marcus - but what's the scandal?

To find out more, have a look at our spoilers and sneak previews!


Teresa didn't think Sally's cigarette end collection would be worth as much as the Beatles memorabilia

For a more sensible look at what's coming up on Corrie, check out our spoilers and sneak previews (I love the way Sally Whittaker's trying so hard not to laugh in this picture).


Carla couldn't help thinking that Tony's idea of a double date with Norris and Rita had been a mistake

For a more sensible picture of what's going on, check out our spoilers and sneak previews.

Our last guess who was fairly easy, so I hope this one will be a tiny bit more challenging.

This is the daughter of a Coronation Street cast member - but do you know which one? And do you know which Coronation Street role she once turned down? I'll post the answer in a couple of days.

More Corrie fun stuff

robert-beck-206.jpg david-coulthard-206.jpg

They could be brothers! Square-jawed Corrie new boy Robert Beck (who will play Tony Gordon's sidekick Jimmy Dockerson) could have been separated at birth from Formula 1 driver David Coulthard. Look at that pout! Or am I seriously deluded?

More Corrie lookalikes here

David Coulthard photo: ERIK C PENDZICH/Rex Features

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