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cilla black.jpgSHE may have just celebrated 50 years in showbusiness, but she still hadn't appeared on the Weatherfield cobbles - until now that is. Thanks to one of her best friends, Paul O'Grady, Cilla Black has finally got that special chance to say a few lines in the Rovers Return.

The TV presenter arranged for the showbiz stalwart to film a scene in the famous pub as part of her special ITV show 'The One and Only Cilla Black.'

Cilla's storyline sees her in the Rovers with Rita and Norris, but neither of them realise who she is.

"I play myself and I walk in the pub and no-one realises it's me!" Cilla said of her cameo.

Her appearance in the soap comes after years of being approached by Corrie bosses who were desperate for her to appear on the show, but Cilla was always forced to turn it down due to her long working hours.

"They have asked me to join the show. It's not their first approach - they have asked me several times," Cilla said back in 2010. "I love Corrie, but I keep saying no. I couldn't cope with all the hours they do, they work them like dogs. It's really hard work.

"It would be nice to do a cameo, but even Ian McKellen worked long hours when he did it for a while. If the role was right, I would do a one-off thing."

Let's hope she doesn't get in a scrap with newly-returned Liz McDonald - locals could have a marmalade sandwich on their hands.

030.jpgIt's been a bad year for Corrie actor Chris Fountain, but his Corrie character will finally be given an off-screen exit in the episode scheduled for next Wednesday.

In the show, Tommy will pack his bags and leave in a hurry after finding out that girlfriend Tina McIntyre has moved a homeless David Platt into their flat.

His speedy exit comes after the actor was sacked in August after being exposed as a masked rapper who posted inflammatory videos online.

The former Hollyoaks star issued a statement afterwards saying he was "deeply ashamed by the lyrics" and was said to have apologised privately to ITV executives - but he was still publicly sacked.

The actor has continued to appear on Coronation Street in scenes he filmed prior to his dismissal, with next Wednesday's episodes being the first time that his sudden exit has been addressed.

Screen girlfriend Tina will be seen taking pity on David after mum Gail Platt kicks him out after his evil plotting is revealed.

But when Tina arrives home after inviting David to stay, he breaks the news, saying:
"It's Tommy. He proper kicked off when he found me here. He went mental, saying how he always comes last with you and how you think you can do what you want."

David goes on to add that Tommy packed a bag, called a cab and left for the airport.

We don't think there's any chance of a return somehow.

Coronation Street: Animal stars

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cat.jpgFurther to our article the other day about famous animals of the cobbles, here's our completed list: let us know if we've missed any!

Albert - Stray dog adopted by Suzie Birchall

Archie - Budgie given to Ena but taken in by Martha

Barney - David's rabbit

Beauty - Mavis' third budgie

Bella - Maxine's cat

Betty's Hotshot - Rovers racehorse

Bobby - Minnie Caldwell's first cat

Bobby - Sunny Jim - Minnie's replacement cat

Boomer - Dog Jack bought Vera

Cleo - Factory cat brought by Vera to catch mice

Dinah - Lillian Spencer's mynah bird

Dolly - One of Jack's pigeons killed by fox

Dolores - Tommy's donkey

Dougal - Sam Tindall's dog

Eccles (Lady Freckles) - Dog inherited by Blanche after a friend died

Fergie - One of Jack's favourite pigeons

Fred's Folly - Fred Gee and Alf Roberts' greyhound

Fury - Alsatian bought as a guard dog by Eddie Yeats

Gilbert - Albert Tatlock's homing pigeon

John - Jesse Chadwick's parrot

Harry/Harriet - Mavis' budgie renamed after it laid an egg

Harry - Mavis' second budgie originally a stray called Boris

Harry's Luck - Greyhound owned by Don Brennan

Jarvis - Becky Palmer's budgie

Kitchener - Alice Pickens' mynah bird

Leanne - Simon Barlow's rabbit

Little Hilda - Eddie's favourite chicken

Lucky Lolita - A greyhound owned by Harry Hewitt

Marmaduke - Cat owned by Betty

Mr. Woo - Rita's dog

Mr. Woo 2 - Rita's replacement dog after the first one died

Mitzi - Jenny Bradley's dog

Molly - One of Jack's pigeons killed by a fox

Monica - Tyrone's dog

Ozzy - Dog given to Liam Connor by Maria

Porky & Bess - Pigs owned by Keith Appleyard

Randy - Percy Sugden's budgie

Rat Features - Guinea pig owned by Sophie

Rommel - Cat owned by Hilda

Rover - Alsatian taken in by Bet

Saracen - Vicky's horse

Scamper - Joyce Smedley's then Judy Mallett's dog

Scarlett - One of Jack's pigeons

Schmeichel - Chesney's Great Dane

Shandy - Sean Tully's former dog

Sunny Jim - Jed Stone's cat

Tiger - Natalie's cat

Tucker & Zammo - Kittens taken in by Trevor Dean (aka Purno & Black)

cat.jpgCorrie has a new feline star, and they're calling her....Corrie. Perhaps not the most imaginative of monikers, but accurate nonetheless.

The cat seems to have made the set its new home and is being pampered by the team who are feeding the cat titbits and milk.

A source said: "This little thing appeared from nowhere a fortnight ago and has been here ever since. It seems to like the place. It's there first thing in the morning when people arrive. It may belong to someone or it may be a stray but it's being spoiled rotten by the crew."

It is understood that one of the make-up artists hopes to adopt the stray, so it's looking unlikely that she'll be included in the roll call of animals who have graced the cobbles over the years. How many can you think of?

(we'll post a list tomorrow)

scott maslen.jpgEASTENDERS star Scott Maslen has spoken out about penny-pinching BBC bosses ruining the soap.

The actor, who filmed his final scenes as Jack Branning earlier this month, said the 'Enders cast has been hammered by cuts.

"There's a bigger picture with all of the cuts at the BBC"

The actor said.

"They made big cuts about three years ago and that affected the whole community working on EastEnders.

"They obviously had to cut the number of actors and it has slowly affected the overall running of the show."

He went on to compare the two soaps, saying:

"EastEnders has definitely dipped.

"Corrie has been getting the attention - and rightly so. They're doing really, really well. They've had great stories and are keeping it true to what it should be.

"I think EastEnders lost that a little bit but that's the way it goes sometimes."

082.jpgNot much meat on this story, but a story it is nonetheless - Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley has spoken out about her excitable Twitter followers sending her inappropriate pictures.
Catherine recently tweeted:

"Can't believe some people on here. Tweeting me pictures of your todger??? Seriously??? Watch some bloody telly or do a cross word will you."

The actress has reportedly considered deleting her account over the lewd photos. Ah well, at least doing a crossword will take their minds off it.

004.jpgCoronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has said the iconic soap must stay true to its working-class roots.

Stuart told TV Times he wants to ensure the show never forgets its initial goal - to portray working class-life in northern England.

Asked how he plans to progress Corrie, he replied:

"By going backwards and taking inspiration from the very first episode of Coronation Street.

"That was an attempt to dramatise what life was like for working-class people in northern England, and that shouldn't change.

"Yes, it's the 21st century and things are different now, but I want to take Corrie back to being about the loves and lives and experiences of working-class Britain.

"It's not that we've ever drifted away from that, but I try to remind myself about it every day."

Stuart went on to say he didn't want the soap to ever become a sitcom: "I'm against 'comedy characters,' because comedy should be part of the drama. Coronation Street isn't a sitcom, it's a drama."

Most of the drama seems to have been behind the camera this year. Maybe he could take some inspiration from that.

010.jpgWell it's all about the ex-Corrie stars this week, and this story is no different. We're pleased to report that Street favourite Katherine Kelly has married her boyfriend in a low-key ceremony in Las Vegas, telling family she was just going on holiday.

Talking to Hello! magazine, she said:

"I love going to other people's weddings but I have never desired a big white wedding for myself and it has never been put on me as a pressure, an expectation."

The Barnsley-born actress, who married Ryan on August 20, continued:

"The day was everything we hoped it would be - no fuss, low-key, sunshine and just us."

"We wanted to enjoy the day without all the usual planning and pressure. We just wanted to let it roll, so it had an on-the-run feel to it.

"We'd been laughing and joking all day and then suddenly everything seemed to stop and we tried to get the words 'I do' out without becoming emotional wrecks. It was awesome. I'll never forget that moment for the rest of my life."

She told the magazine she "selfishly" wanted Mr Clark to herself on the big day, adding:

"So many people say you have to remember to grab hold of your bride or groom and spend time with them. I think if we had done a traditional wedding we would have been doing it for everyone else but this was about the two of us."

Good luck for the future from all of us here at Corrie Blog TV!

016.jpgIt is being reported that Corrie star Michelle Keegan is quitting Manchester when she leaves the soap next year and planning to set up home in Essex with boyfriend Mark Wright.

The actress said her decision to leave was not down to her romance with The Only Way Is Essex star, but told Hello! magazine that the pair were going to "start house hunting after Christmas".

The star said:

"We'll have been together for over a year by then and we'll look at areas around Essex, so it's easy to travel to London. I am really excited about it.

"I didn't decide to leave because of Mark. It's just how things have worked out. I'd actually been thinking about leaving on and off for a couple of years.

"It was a huge decision to take and a very scary one, as you never know what you'll do afterwards. I will miss it but after six years, I know it's the right thing to do. If I don't do it now at my age, when I have no children or ties, then when will I? I don't want to look back in 10 years' time and think 'what if?'."

Keegan, who grew up in Manchester, said: "I've never lived away from home or even lived with a man. But I've grown up fast over the last few years and know what's right or wrong for me."

But she's not ruling out a return to the cobbles after show bosses decided not to kill her character off.

She said: "They are leaving the door open for me, which I am very grateful for. Who knows what will happen to Tina? You never know with a soap. But I'm sure it will be a dramatic exit."

Double date with Helen and Arg, anyone?

311.jpegHelen Flanagan looks set to walk the streets of Essex following the reports that she is going to make a cameo appearance on The Only Way Is Essex.

Having reportedly become close to TOWIE regular James 'Arg' Argent, whilst filming Celebrity Super Spa - sometimes there are no words - it has now been claimed that the actress will be appearing on the structured reality show.

According to the Mirror, a source commented:

"Helen and Arg have already discussed Helen going on TOWIE as a guest slot."

With her already appearing on reality TV show, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, the source continued to claim that Helen is looking forward to the TOWIE experience. They added:

"She's really keen. She's told him she'd love to do it because she thinks it'd be really good fun. They always have a laugh together and they both think it'll make good TV.

"Arg is keen to show off his new pal to his mates and likes the idea of going on a night out with Helen and in front of the cameras. But he's also hoping his friendship with Helen will blossom."

Filming for Celebrity Super Spa -still no words - came to an end this week with Helen tweeting that she'll miss the show. And it appears Arg is going to equally miss her following the rumours recently that he has a rather large soft spot for the actress. An insider told the Mirror recently:

"Helen and Arg have barely spent any time apart. He's been the perfect shoulder for her to cry on and she is Arg's ideal woman. He fancied her from day one but she had been reluctant to move on so soon - up until now.

"Arg has treated her like a princess this week. He wanted her to have a birthday week rather than just a day."

Ahhh, what a sweetie. Looking forward to the spin-off.

004.jpgCorrie has been longlisted for the title of greatest British TV drama of all time.

The Street and EastEnders have been longlisted alongside Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs for the prestigious title.

The list also features classics such as Prime Suspect, Inspector Morse and Cracker, as well as recent shows such as ITV crime drama Broadchurch and period drama Downton Abbey.

The BBC's Doctor Who series has also made the longlist. Readers have been asked to select a winner from the longlist which was put together by Radio Times staff.

The full list is as follows:

Bleak House
Brideshead Revisited
Coronation Street
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Edge Of Darkness
House Of Cards (1990)
Inspector Morse
The Jewel In The Crown
Life On Mars
Our Friends In The North

It's a strong list: who do you think should win?

Coronation Street: Broken Bohn

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download.jpgStreet star Krissi Bohn has ended up with her leg in plaster after a netballing accident.

The actress ripped her Achilles tendon during the game with co-stars.

Talking on Twitter last night (August 12), Bohn posted a picture of her leg in plaster, saying:

"At least the cast is below the knee now... #grrrr "

She added that she was currently unsure how it would affect her filming schedule, telling fans that she can still film scenes as long as she isn't walking around.

Krissi's on-screen mum Mandy (Pamela Nomvete) left the Street last week after just a year in the role.

queen.jpgSlow news day, but apparently The Queen has signed up to on-demand TV so she never misses Corrie, EastEnders and, of course, the horse racing.

She has such a busy schedule that she's got the digital recording service installed at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

This bombshell comes from actress Minnie Driver who met the monarch at a Bafta party.

The Good Will Hunting star, 43, claimed the royal was a little upset that her royal lifestyle meant she was forced to miss some of her favourite shows.

Minnie said:

"I went to Windsor Castle as The Queen was getting an honorary Bafta.

"She came over to our group and we talked about film and she asked me what the last movie I had seen was and it was something really dirty. It was Last Tango In Paris.

"I didn't think I could bring up a film like that to The Queen and I obviously lied.

"Then I couldn't help myself and asked what the last film she had seen was and she said: 'Oh I saw something in Leicester Square a long time ago.'

"So I asked: 'Don't you have Sky+?' And she went: 'One does have Sky+, but one is so busy all the time."

Good to know that she's keeping abreast of issues on The Street anyway.

017.jpgStreet star Jack P Shepherd says being a child actor on TV's top soap has made him a real-life recluse and old before his time.

Jack - who has been on the soap since he was 11 - says he prefers the quiet life at home to celebrity parties.

Even though he plays a wild child in Weatherfield, Jack says that being around his older Corrie co-stars so much has made him age more quickly than he should.

He jokes: "Because you're always around adults, you have to grow up fast -- which is why I'm basically a 48-year-old man now. I don't go out anywhere -- I'm like a recluse.

"I just sneak off, go home and look at my lines, or go to the cinema and watch a film. And obviously I'm busy at home now, too."

He insists he's nothing like his scheming character, which is probably for the best - especially as his antics over the years include throwing Gail down the stairs, going on a wrecking spree, getting locked up, hiding drugs in his niece's doll and faking a suicide attempt.

"I'm not a serial killer or anything!' Jack exclaims.

"If I were a Top Trumps card and it said 'evil look -- ten', it would be 'physical strength -- minus one'."

That might be the case Jack, but we certainly wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that infamous death stare!

082.jpgStreet stars have been put firmly back into the limelight after a row over promoting a soft drinks firm on Twitter.

Catherine Tyldesley, Ryan Thomas, Shobna Gulati and Kym Lomas all sent recent tweets endorsing Juice Life, with Shobna, Catherine and Alison King also posing with drinks for pictures.

A spokeswoman for Corrie issued the statement: "No Coronation Street actors were paid for tweeting about the product."

It has also been reported that some Street stars have been wearing free gifts on the show to plug businesses.

Paula Lane donned a £35 bracelet and £15 earrings from Bling Rocks, while Lisa George wore a Bananagrams necklace which spelled out her character's name in tiles. Both exchanged tweets with the firms about wearing their products but there is no suggestion either was paid or kept the jewellery.

ITV furiously denied they broke rules on product placement and soap bosses says the jewellery was 'editorially justified' with a spokesperson commenting:

"Props come from a number of sources and are not part of product placement."

"We strongly refute any suggestion that the actors or ITV have acted in an improper manner or against regulations."

The controversy comes after we previously reported how Dispatches tricked Street stars into promoting fake firm Puttana Aziendale, Italian for "corporate whore".

093.jpgHe was eccentric, pompous and vain, but Reginald 'Reg' Holdsworth was certainly a character in every sense of the word with his overbearing manner and trademark glasses. Played by Ken Morley from 1989 until 1995, Reg owned the Corner Shop which was managed by Maureen Naylor and her battleaxe wheelchair-bound mother Maud Grimes who hated him.

He eventually departed the cobbles with his pregnant mistress - wages clerk Yvonne Barrister - leaving Maureen bereft, but the character was returned for scenes in the 50th anniversary DVD released in 2010.

Ken is also known as General Leopold von Flockenstuffen in 'Allo 'Allo and has guest starred as the Nazi captain Vorheese in the Red Dwarf episode Stoke Me a Clipper. He also appeared as US Vice-President Dick Cheney on the Channel 4 satirical show Bremner, Bird and Fortune, and perhaps more recognisably as a Reg-style character for the Safestyle UK advertisements.

005.jpgIt may sound bizarre, but Snoop Dogg is reportedly in talks to collaborate with Corrie star Kym Lomas.

The Sun reports he wants former Hear'Say singer Kym to appear in one of his music videos, and has asked mutual pal David Gest to set it up.

A source told the newspaper:

"Snoop heard David knew Kym, so he asked him to approach her about being in one of his videos.

"David said she used to be in a pop group, so he suggested she could sing on one of his tracks.

"He spoke to Kym and she loved the idea. If all goes to plan she'll fly out to LA later this summer and get cracking with it all."

Snoop has previously talked about his love of the Street, and he's even recreated his own Rovers Return pub at his LA home.

He said: "I have watched Coronation Street for a lot of years and I'm in talks to do a cameo on the show, but until then a little bit of Corrie can come to me.

"People are mad for themed pubs over here, so I am doing this properly. Nothing will stop me serving Betty's hotpot in my pub, man. If it didn't serve hotpot it wouldn't be a proper Rovers Return."

Now that's something we'd really like to see!


Lucky pensioners enjoyed a very intimate Saturday morning episode of Coronation Street - Roy's Rolls, the soap's cafe, was set up in the Beaumont Hall care home and diners were served by Alan Halsall and wife Lucy-Jo Hudson.

A special breakfast buffet, complete with bucks fizz, was provided for residents and their relatives at the home in Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester.

Alan had a busy morning posing for photographs and signing autographs, saying:

"All the residents are lovely and it's nice they've also got their family to come along to have some bucks fizz and enjoy themselves."

Beaumont Hall resident Kathleen Stew said:

"I've been watching Coronation Street ever since it started in 1960.

"I'm 95 now and I still enjoy it.

"I do like Tyrone a lot - I didn't like it when he was being battered about by his girlfriend in the programme."

Corrie fan Mark Greaves, chief executive of Ideal Care Homes which runs Beaumont Hall, also visited Leicester for the occasion.

He said: "It's a real pleasure to have Alan and Lucy-Jo here and it's really brightened the day of all of our residents.

"People feel they've grown up with Alan because he's been on the show since he was young and they've lived through his trials and tribulations with him."

And let's face it, he's certainly had more than his fair share of those over the past year!

036.jpgCorrie has been praised for the recent epilepsy storyline starring David Platt.

The Epilepsy Society has commended the soap for raising awareness of the condition, with Amanda Cleaver, Communications and Campaigns Manager for the charity, saying:

'What was really interesting was how some of the other characters reacted to his seizure. They questioned his ability to look after the two young children in his care and David himself voiced concerns about whether his unborn child would inherit the condition.'

'The issues raised in the story highlight the public lack of knowledge about a condition which affects around 1 in 100 people in the UK.'

Viewers saw David lying unconscious the park, having suffered his first fit in two years while out with his stepson. Thankfully quick-thinking Max saved the day, but let's hope he doesn't have to do it again in a hurry.

georgia may foote.jpg

Coronation actress Georgia May Foote has signed a new 12-month deal that will seal her place in the soap until May 2014. Show bosses were reportedly eager to keep Georgia in the cast, especially after the announcement that Michelle Keegan will be leaving the cobbles.

Following the departure of some of the soaps more glamorous actresses - including Katherine Kelly and Helen Flanagan - a 'source' said to The Sun:

'It is really brilliant news for everyone at Corrie that Georgia has agreed to stay on. She's a brilliant actress who has impressed everyone with the way she has taken to playing Katy.'

The 'source' continued:

'Losing Michelle will be a huge blow. The fact she's won Sexiest Female at the Soap Awards four years running shows just how popular she is. But Georgia has got a real chance of taking her crown this year, which would cement her place as a rising star.'

Georgia joined the soap in 2010, and recent storylines have seen her character Katy break up with Chesney Brown after having a fling with Ryan Connor.

Let's hope Katy and Chesney use the time to make up some of their recent differences!

Bill Roachejpeg.jpgMadame Tussards have taken the decision to temporarily remove a waxwork of Bill Roache because of 'inappropriate behaviour' from visitors, but have stated they will 'review the decision in light of future events'.

A Corrie spokesperson is yet to comment on the decision, but a source from the Blackpool museum said, 'We make no judgements on recent events, which are in any case far from clear, but over recent days we have received a number of comments relating to the continued inclusion of the figure, but even more importantly witnessed some unacceptable behaviour from a very small number of visitors'.

81 year old Roache, currently facing two historical charges of rape, is said to be 'astounded and deeply horrified' by the allegations, and released a statement earlier this month 'strenuously denying' the charges brought against him.

No idea what the visitors might have been doing to his waxwork: perhaps we're better off not knowing.

KEVIN WEBSTER.JPGWhile most people would rightly consider it absolutely no-one's business, the red top papers have decided to loudly announce that suspended Corrie actor Michael Le Vell has got himself a new girlfriend.

The Kevin Webster actor, who is currently not appearing on the show while he defends himself against child sex accusations, has been dating 'mum-of-four' (seemingly important detail, that) Blanca Fouché.

There are varying reports about how Bianca and Michael met and how neighbours broke the secret of their romance but, at Corrie Blog Towers, we're really struggling with the prurience of all this.

Let's just say good for him, good for her and here's hoping everything works out for the best. That seems the most dignified way to go.

It seems frankly amazing to me, but according to research carried out by digital TV solution YouView over 1 in 10 of us would spend our last half an hour on planet Earth watching Coronation Street.

Apparently, should the world end tomorrow - as predicted by the Mayan Calendar - 11 per cent of us would rather spend our final moments on the sofa watching Corrie than doing something, let's say, more physical with a loved one/passing stranger.

Other shows that we would choose to watch in the final moments include Dr Who (9%), Downton Abbey (9%), Homeland (8%) and Eastenders (7%).

Surprisingly very few would turn to their TV for some light-relief during their last hours on Earth, with no comedy programmes featuring in the top five at all.

Classic comedy Dad's Army was the first to make an appearance in joint sixth place alongside Gavin and Stacey, with one in 20 (5%) of the 2,000 respondents surveyed looking for laughs in their last hours.

It may come as little shock to some that reality shows The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea failed to make it into the top ten at all, although together they were still the preferred pick for 3% of the nation.

For more information visit:

text santa.jpgFormer Corrie star Liz Dawn, current breakfast TV presenter Lorraine Kelly and future bargain bin has-beens Little Mix are all to turn up in Weatherfield to appear in A Corrie Christmas, a one-off special in aid of ITV's Test Santa charity appeal.

Lorraine Kelly plays a policewoman, fulfilling her childhood dream apparently: 'I am absolutely beside myself. I am a massive fan of Corrie and have been since I was a little girl. It's always been an ambition of mine to appear, even if it's just in the background of the Rovers having a hot pot or a pint of stout, but this is even better as I get to play a character.'

Liz Dawn will return to the cobbles playing the ghost of Vera Duckworth and Little Mix will perform in the Rovers.

Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall said: 'We've watched (Coronation Street) for years and years. Since we were little, and to be here is surreal but it's amazing, isn't it?'

So Little Mix have watched Corrie since they were little? Does she mean little as in young, small or not well known? Maybe all three.

You can watch a trailer for Text Santa here:

Katy Cavanagh.jpgThe writers of Corrie are facing an interesting problem as Katy Cavanagh is apparently pregnant. A recent storyline saw Katy's character Julie Carp have her ovaries removed following a cancer scare so Katy will presumably have to be seen onscreen with a very obvious bump for a few months. Cue lots of big jumpers carefully placed props.

The baby will be Katy's third, she already has an 8-year old son and a 5-year old daughter.

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