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013.jpgHe's played Peter Barlow since 2000, but it is now being reported that Corrie favourite Chris Gascoyne is the latest star to leave the cobbles in late 2014.

The actor has apparently told friends that the soap schedule is 'too demanding'.

A Street spokesman said:

"Chris has signed a new one year contract, which takes him to autumn 2014, and he is involved in some of the biggest storylines of the next 12 months. It is too early to comment beyond that."

We don't want to give too much away, but it is currently being rumoured that the news may link in with the well-publicised departure of Michelle Keegan in 2014. This as yet remains unclear.

136.jpgShe's well known for having an opinion on anything and everything, but now controversial Katie Hopkins has hit out at Corrie star Ryan Thomas after he was declared bankrupt, calling him"a little boy" with an 'exceptionally small brain'.

The gobby ex-Apprentice candidate unleashed her thoughts on Thomas - who we reported earlier this month to have declared bankruptcy in August, despite earning a reported £90,000 salary - in an opinion piece on celebrities with financial troubles in Now magazine.

"Bankrupt celebs are like lips without gloss. The shine has come off and they're left looking thin and miserable," she writes.

"[Ryan] may earn big but his brain is exceptionally small. Perhaps he should spend less time drinking by the pool in the sun and a bit more time saving for the rainy day the taxman wants his money back."

She continued: "Some say bankruptcy has taught them a valuable lesson. Well, here [is one] more I'd like to hammer home....don't spend like Rihanna if you're just a little boy called Ryan from Corrie."

Further on, Hopkins branded Kerry Katona "the queen of credit disasters" and said that Joe Swash "clearly skipped maths as a kid". Both stars were declared bankrupt for a second time earlier this year.

Hopkins has become notorious for her extreme views since ranting about 'lower class' children's names on This Morning in July. She returned to the show in September to argue that it is right for working mothers to miss their children's birthdays and made another appearance last week where she blamed parents for childhood obesity.

So a withdrawn little soul then.

cilla black.jpgSHE may have just celebrated 50 years in showbusiness, but she still hadn't appeared on the Weatherfield cobbles - until now that is. Thanks to one of her best friends, Paul O'Grady, Cilla Black has finally got that special chance to say a few lines in the Rovers Return.

The TV presenter arranged for the showbiz stalwart to film a scene in the famous pub as part of her special ITV show 'The One and Only Cilla Black.'

Cilla's storyline sees her in the Rovers with Rita and Norris, but neither of them realise who she is.

"I play myself and I walk in the pub and no-one realises it's me!" Cilla said of her cameo.

Her appearance in the soap comes after years of being approached by Corrie bosses who were desperate for her to appear on the show, but Cilla was always forced to turn it down due to her long working hours.

"They have asked me to join the show. It's not their first approach - they have asked me several times," Cilla said back in 2010. "I love Corrie, but I keep saying no. I couldn't cope with all the hours they do, they work them like dogs. It's really hard work.

"It would be nice to do a cameo, but even Ian McKellen worked long hours when he did it for a while. If the role was right, I would do a one-off thing."

Let's hope she doesn't get in a scrap with newly-returned Liz McDonald - locals could have a marmalade sandwich on their hands.

055.jpgMichelle Keegan has spoken about her urge to go travelling after she leaves Corrie.

The actress, who has confirmed she'll be leaving the cobbles next year, says she hopes to land other roles within the TV industry, but not before she's cured her itchy feet.

Speaking to the Daily Star's TV Extra, she said:

"Post- Corrie and work-wise, I want to try other acting roles.

"I may also do some travelling as well if I get the time and the opportunity."

Meanwhile, Michelle has also revealed how she keeps the figures which won her Sexiest Female at the Soap Awards again this year.

"I work out whenever I have the time, which can be around three times a week," she added.

"I enjoy eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit. I don't eat a lot of bread or potatoes but I enjoy the odd pudding and cocktail on a night out. Everything in moderation!"

Announcing her Corrie depature, Michelle previously said: "I have had the most amazing six years at Coronation Street and it was such a difficult decision to leave.

"But I felt it was the right time for me to make the next step in my career."

Barlow.jpgIt's recently been revealed that Gary Barlow has "spent thousands" to advertise his new solo album on the show.

Viewers will see Gary's face on a bus shelter outside of Audrey's hair salon in an attempt to help promote his first solo album in fourteen years.

The ex-Take That star's previous solo album only managed to reach number 34 in the UK album chart but it looks as though Gary is determined to receive maximum exposure this time around - and where better than on a show watched by millions?

However it doesn't look as though the clever ploy will have burnt a hole in his pocket seeing as the singer doesn't actually pay for his advertising.

Jack Shepard recently posted a photo of the ad on his Twitter page, captioning it: "spot the ad", and sparked a reaction from Corrie fans. One user tweeted that the new ad was an indication that "you've made it", with the actor then responding: "Or paid 'em enough money," before deleting the comment.

While the move might seem like a bit of a bizarre one, sources are claiming that Gary's move will certainly pay off.

"I think we are going to see a lot more product placement in our favourite shows,"

advertising expert Neil Currie told The Sun. "Gary's team have been very savvy. I would imagine he paid a high five-figure sum for the premium spot.

"Around eight million people will see it a few times a week," he added.

Looks like we'll be having a Barlow overdose for the next few months then.

038.jpgIt's been a bad few months for ex-Corrie star Chris Fountain, but we can now reveal that the actor is contemplating a change of career.

Shortly after his very public axing, Chris tweeted:

"6 years in Hollyoaks playing Justin Burton & 2 years on Corrie playing Tommy. Now seeing where life takes me. Oh and I DJ. Positivity breeds positivity.''

He is now back in the UK after a spell in the US. Last month Chris was unmasked as 'The Phantom', an online video showing his alter-ego rapping about women, rape and violence. After he was exposed Fountain made a public apology, insisting the videos were old and did not reflect his own views.

Kate Swift, founder of This Tangled Web, a support group for rape survivors, said:

"What he probably doesn't realise is that he is in a position of power and that there will be people who look up to him and are influenced by him.

"I hope he thinks twice before doing anything like this again in his new job."

118.jpgFormer Corrie star Natalie Gumede has said that leaving the soap allowed her to feel like herself again.

The actress made her dancing debut in Strictly Come Dancing on Friday, and spoke to The Sun about how leaving the Street has changed her life. She said:

'As soon as I left, it was a relief to feel like me again. It was a privilege to be in Corrie and to be trusted with such a challenging storyline but it left me completely physically exhausted.

"The problem with playing all of those violent scenes was that my body didn't know why I was shouting and crying - it didn't know it was fake.

"My mind could switch off from what I had been doing but the exhaustion my body felt was as intense as if I had gone through a real trauma.

"I'd come off set shaking and at times I did break down and cry out of the sheer exhaustion, effort and frustration and everything else I was feeling."

Natalie also revealed that fame sometimes meant she avoided leaving the house.

"Being a face on TV was a massive change. It is quite natural that people respond to you but it's not a natural feeling to be the person getting the response.

"I still find it really odd and it makes me very self-conscious. I used to get anxious before going out because I'd be asked for ten photos in an hour if I went to Boots. You get good at online shopping because you can't just go out and browse the shops if you fancy a new pair of shoes.

"It's bizarre but you don't live a normal life any more. And it is not something I ever want to get used to, because it's much healthier to be anonymous.

"But as soon as I left Corrie and came back to London, I stepped out of the bubble and it almost stopped overnight."

We don't think Strictly is going to lessen her profile somehow.

scott maslen.jpgEASTENDERS star Scott Maslen has spoken out about penny-pinching BBC bosses ruining the soap.

The actor, who filmed his final scenes as Jack Branning earlier this month, said the 'Enders cast has been hammered by cuts.

"There's a bigger picture with all of the cuts at the BBC"

The actor said.

"They made big cuts about three years ago and that affected the whole community working on EastEnders.

"They obviously had to cut the number of actors and it has slowly affected the overall running of the show."

He went on to compare the two soaps, saying:

"EastEnders has definitely dipped.

"Corrie has been getting the attention - and rightly so. They're doing really, really well. They've had great stories and are keeping it true to what it should be.

"I think EastEnders lost that a little bit but that's the way it goes sometimes."

082.jpgNot much meat on this story, but a story it is nonetheless - Corrie star Catherine Tyldesley has spoken out about her excitable Twitter followers sending her inappropriate pictures.
Catherine recently tweeted:

"Can't believe some people on here. Tweeting me pictures of your todger??? Seriously??? Watch some bloody telly or do a cross word will you."

The actress has reportedly considered deleting her account over the lewd photos. Ah well, at least doing a crossword will take their minds off it.

Ryan Connor.jpgDownton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes has revealed he has a 'guilty pleasure' in binge-watching Corrie.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Julian confessed to getting his wife to record every episode of the soap while he's in America so that he doesn't miss a single moment's action on the cobbles.

He said: "My main guilty pleasure is a soap opera called Coronation Street, which I never miss and I tape it when I am away. So I will go back to hour upon hour of Coronation Street, which drives my wife mad.

"I actually quite like the binge viewing thing."

This potentially bodes well for Sole Heras, who is currently filming his final Corrie scenes but has spoken about his hopes of winning a Downton role in the future. Speaking to Now magazine, the actor said:

"I'd love to do some dramas - something like Downton Abbey would be great. That's my dream, but a lot of people leave soaps and go straight to Hollywood. I'm trying to be more realistic.

"I have to take the right steps to build a foundation for one day possibly doing movies."

We're sure there's room for one more in the Downton servant's quarters.

014.jpgManchester Guided Tours have released details of their autumn and winter walks and there's a new treat in store for all Corrie fans - if you have £12 each to spend.

A new walking tour called Corrie and Cream Tea will take you on a walking tour around Manchester showing you some Coronation Street filming sights, ending with a cream tea at Annie's restaurant. (In case you didn't know, Annie's is owned by Jennie McAlpine and her partner Chris Farr).

Anyway, if you fancy visiting some of your favourite Corrie landmarks, book your tickets and pack some comfy shoes. It's a big old city, Manchester.

julie goodyear.jpgDespite four marriages, a teenage pregnancy, and claims of bisexual relationships, former Corrie legend Julie Goodyear has told Piers Morgan she is 'no good' at sex.

The 71-year-old star said during her Real Lives interview that she struggles with intimacy so much that she was only ever given one bed scene playing the legendary barmaid - because she would collapse into fits of nervous laughter.

The actress also commented that current husband Scott Brand, a former builder, was 'the best of a bad bunch' when discussing her previous marriages.

Asked about her sexuality, the chat show host said:

'You've had relationships with men and women.'

Miss Goodyear replied:

'A relationship can be a friendship. A soul mate, whatever. You don't have to have sex all the time.

'There are many gay people, who work in the industry we work in. Have you no gay friends? What's it like having sex with them?'

When Morgan responded that he didn't, Miss Goodyear continued:

'Neither do I. Let me tell you, there was a time when I thought it might be worth a try. No good at it. Because I can't stop laughing.'

When Morgan fired back:

'Are we talking men or women?' she responded:

'Anybody. Which is why they only ever gave me one bed scene in Coronation Street. Because it makes me laugh.'

The actress wed first husband Ray Sutcliffe in 1960. They had a son when she was 17, but the marriage ended three years later when Ray walked out.

In 1973 she married secretary Tony Rudman, but the couple had been married for only a few hours when he ran off with the best man.

The heartbreak left her so distraught she spent a month in a mental health clinic.

She was then married to airline executive Richard Skrob between 1985 and 1987 before tying the knot with Brand in 2007, having met in 1996 when he delivered plaster to a house she was renovating.

Revealing that Mr Brand proposed to her every day for 11 years before she accepted him, she said:

'I might renew his contract. He's been the best of a bad bunch, he really has.'

Asked if she was happily married, she responded: 'Very.'

Julie first joined Corrie in 1966, but left to join a theatre company. She returned in 1970, becoming one of the most popular characters to ever grace the cobbles - and indeed the bar of the Rovers.

She left the Street in 1995, when some 22 million viewers tuned in to watch her tottering off the cobbles. A brief -17 day - return in 2002 left her struggling to cope with the 'gruelling' schedule of Corrie, and the actress declared she would never return to the Street again.

010.jpgAt last, some good news! We're pleased to report that former Corrie favourite Katherine Kelly has announced that she's pregnant with her first child. The news comes just weeks after she eloped with long-term boyfriend Ryan Clark, 33, and married in Vegas.

'Ryan & I are overjoyed to announce that we are expecting a baby! Feeling very blessed!'

Katherine told her Twitter followers over the weekend. Several celeb pals have congratulated the couple, with Brooke Vincent tweeting:

'@katherine_kelly omg!!!!!!! Congratulations'

And Jo Joyner posting:

'@katherine_kelly Congratulations! Didn't take long! It's going to be fantastic, enjoy every second xx'

Lovely news, Katherine - congratulations to you both from all of us here at Corrie Blog TV.

007.jpgEx-Corrie and CBB star Vicky Entwistle has ruled out returning to Coronation Street, saying she doesn't believe in trying to resurrect the glory days in the soap.

The 44-year-old, was voted out of Celebrity Big Brother in sixth place at the start of the live final on Channel 5 last Friday night.

In her first newspaper interview after being evicted, she said:

"I would not be interested in going back to Coronation Street because I don't go backwards.

"It was brilliant while it lasted but it is like anything, if you go to a great nightclub and you have a good dance on the dancefloor, you don't take your handbag back the next week when it is closed, do you?"

Bruce Jones was quotes as saying that he would welcome going back to the cobbles, but only if the whole Battersby family was reunited. Vicky responded, saying:

"I hope he is happy when he does go back."

The actress is now preparing for a panto run as the wicked queen in Snow White in Llandudno while sleepless Corrie producers wonder what they're going to do without her.

055.jpgIt was a double celebration for the Coronation Street cast as they won Best Soap and Best Soap Actress gongs at the TV Choice Awards.

Corrie beat main rival EastEnders in the soap race, with Michelle Keegan also scooping the female award at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

The Coronation Street cast were thrilled the prize, saying:

"We are delighted to be taking this award back to Manchester to the incredibly talented and hard-working team, led by our producer Stuart Blackburn, who work tirelessly to produce quality drama week in week out.

"This year has been a great year on Corrie and there is more excellent drama to come."

Ant and Dec enjoyed a triple triumph with wins for Saturday Night Takeaway, Britain's Got Talent and I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here.

David Tennant won Best Actor for Broadchurch, which was also named Best New Drama and Doctor Who was named Best Drama Series, also receiving a special gold award for outstanding contribution as it celebrates its 50th anniversary in November.

Comedian Miranda Hart was named Best Actress for Call the Midwife, while Mrs Brown's Boys again took the Best Comedy honour.

Elsewhere, Jeremy Kyle made it three years in a row for his ITV daytime show.

There's always a sore point.

030.jpgSacked Corrie star Chris Fountain looks to have put his 'rape rap' scandal to the back of his mind as he parties at the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Said to be "based on radical self-expression and self-reliance", Chris hit the six-day annual art and music festival with Ryan Thomas and other pals. Held in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, festival goers are encouraged to "discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources".

The actor has admitted that ITV bosses had "no choice" but to sack him the Street, saying:

"I completely understand that ITV had no choice but to terminate my contract.

"I am mortified that I have brought so much embarrassment to my employers."

Chris, who hasn't been pictured since he was dropped from his Corrie role, is currently believed to be living with friends in New York. Maybe they should keep him away from masks and YouTube for the time being.

063.jpgCorrie stalwart Sally Dynevor doesn't believe her Corrie character's fledgling relationship with Tim Metcalfe is going to end in bliss.

The actress spoke about an upcoming storyline which sees Tim stand Sally up, saying:

"I didn't really want Sally to find someone at first, but I like this relationship because she's not found 'Mr Perfect'. All the other men Sally's been with, I could easily have seen her having long term relationships with them.

"With Tim, you know there's no way they're going to live happily ever after, they're going to drive each other insane. I like the drama that has to offer.

"He is a bit freaked by [the relationship] and is probably thinking he doesn't want the commitment or to be tied down.

"He says he'll go [to the wedding], but doesn't turn up, and this is the start of a pattern with Tim. He's too weak to say no in the first place and then gets swept along and lets her down.

"She's really upset when he stands her up and she ends up taking a day off work saying she's got a migraine.

"Sophie tells her she needs to get over Tim, but when there's a knock at the door and Tim's left a bunch of carnations for her, that's all it takes, she's well made up," Dynevor explained.

"Sophie can't believe she's thinking of taking him back, but Sally says she's going to go slowly this time and not jump in feet first. But of course they go out for the night and she does.

"She's very excited and just over the moon with the relationship. The internet dating was a bit of a disaster so she's just happy to have found someone."

Oh dear. We sense an impending disaster for unlucky-in-love Sally.

007.jpgThey were one of the Street's most memorable couples, and this week CBB made sure the Battersbys were reunited in special housemates task.

Former Corrie stars Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwistle were instructed to perform a fictional scene as Les and Janice, acted on a set decorated to look just like their old living room at No 5 Coronation Street.

The pair were given a script in which they had to argue about their fellow housemates, but some of the document was blanked out - encouraging the outspoken twosome to ad lib with their own opinions.

"I tell you, that Lauren can't hold a candle to you in that little pinny," Bruce laughed. "All them little dresses she wears - 10 a day - it annoys me."

Then, when he asked his 'Janice' which housemate she would evict if she had to, Vicky replied:
"Ooh, it'd have to be that snooty Sophie. I just think this house would be a happier place without her. She's always moaning.

"And who cares how many modelling assignments she's been on? She still looks like she needs a good hotpot inside of her. She's got legs like Bambi."

Little did the pair know that their Oscar-winning performances were being witnessed by their fellow housemates.

Bruce left Coronation Street in 2007, and Vicky in 2011. After watching their reunion performance, model Sophie Anderton insisted she found the whole event 'hilarious'.

We wonder if she found it so funny when she became the third celebrity to be evicted from the house - and a double eviction tonight? Bruce and Vicky better watch out!

Owen.jpgIan Puleston-Davies joined a fleet of some 200 Goldwings on the Goldwing Light Parade in Llandudno on Saturday night.

It was certainly a departure from the cobbles as he swept along the seafront on the back of an angel wing-adorned motorbike.

Hundreds lined the promenade to wave on the parade which included a host of retro and themed cycles - including one driven by a giant Zippy, of Rainbow fame.

Ian, who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, told the Manchester Evening News that motorbiking has long been a relaxing pastime for him.

He says: "I don't have OCD when I'm sitting on a motorbike, it comes on when you're not expecting it so it really affects your everyday life.

"I find driving and motorbiking relaxing so it's not an issue. Indeed, I used to be a bit of a Mod and I owned a Lambretta. But don't tell these guys as I'm joining with the rockers tonight!"

Ian, 54, told earlier this year how he's spent years tackling anxiety disorder OCD, but his Street co-stars have helped him to overcome many of his issues.

He says of working with Debbie Rush:

"We both hope we remain as a couple, because I think it works. But this being soap there are bound to be some hiccups along the way. That's the nature of entertainment.

"I've been on Corrie for three-and-a-half years now and it sounds like a cliche, but I'm really happy to be a part of the Corrie family now."

Ian grew up not far from Llandudno as a child and has happy memories of the town.

He said: "It's quite honestly my favourite seaside resort. It's just so beautiful, when it's sunny, but even when it's raining."

010.jpgWell it's all about the ex-Corrie stars this week, and this story is no different. We're pleased to report that Street favourite Katherine Kelly has married her boyfriend in a low-key ceremony in Las Vegas, telling family she was just going on holiday.

Talking to Hello! magazine, she said:

"I love going to other people's weddings but I have never desired a big white wedding for myself and it has never been put on me as a pressure, an expectation."

The Barnsley-born actress, who married Ryan on August 20, continued:

"The day was everything we hoped it would be - no fuss, low-key, sunshine and just us."

"We wanted to enjoy the day without all the usual planning and pressure. We just wanted to let it roll, so it had an on-the-run feel to it.

"We'd been laughing and joking all day and then suddenly everything seemed to stop and we tried to get the words 'I do' out without becoming emotional wrecks. It was awesome. I'll never forget that moment for the rest of my life."

She told the magazine she "selfishly" wanted Mr Clark to herself on the big day, adding:

"So many people say you have to remember to grab hold of your bride or groom and spend time with them. I think if we had done a traditional wedding we would have been doing it for everyone else but this was about the two of us."

Good luck for the future from all of us here at Corrie Blog TV!

download.jpgFormer Corrie baddie Bill Ward is returning to illustrious soapland after joining the cast of Emmerdale.

Bill is probably most well-known for playing Street builder and villain Charlie Stubbs before he was killed off at the hands of Tracy Barlow six years ago.

But now he's risen from the dead and is set to arrive in the Dales as Moira Barton's brother-in-law James, a farmer and single father to three grown-up sons.

Bill said:

"I'm really looking forward to it. The Emmerdale team are a very talented bunch indeed and I'm extremely chuffed to have been asked to join them."

The actor starts filming in September and his character will arrive on-screen from late October.

Since leaving the Street, Bill has starred in the West End and most recently appeared as a Simon Cowell-inspired TV talent show judge in the ill-fated Spice Girls musical Viva Forever.

018.JPGIn an interesting move - and not to cash in on the unpleasant sitiaution AT ALL -the estranged husband of Blanca Fouch -Michael Le Vell's lover - has spoken to the Sunday People about her alleged hopes to start a family with the actor. How exactly he'd know I'm not sure, but here goes.

Desmond, who is not at all bitter about the break-up, said:

He said: "It won't be long before Blanca's pregnant with Michael's kids. I can guarantee that.

"She'll moan about what hard work it is to look after them but she'll just keep popping them out.

"I think they will get married and they will definitely have a kid or two. She's not a single kind of woman. She's not somebody who can be alone. I can imagine her digging her claws deeper into him and not letting go, until she gets someone better."

Lovely stuff. And then just to clarify, he rounded off by saying:

"I don't want to start a war in a newspaper as Blanca's not a monster. I still love her and I'm not saying she's horrible.'

Well if you don't want to start a war in a newspaper, a quick bit of advice - don't speak to a newspaper.

075.jpgEx-Corrie stars Bruce Jones and Vicky Entwistle have entered the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Bruce Jones is best known for his role as cab driver Les Battersby, leaving the Street in 2007. He's been a bit of a loose canon over the years, telling The People that he'd had blown his £1 million fortune, owed £30,000 in taxes and has not received any offers of work since leaving Corrie.

In May 2010 it was reported that Bruce has been made homeless after the bank repossessed his £500,000 Cheshire house in order to pay his large debts. It was also reported that he couldn't afford to go into rehab for his chronic alcoholism.

He now works as a mechanic at a garage in North Wales for £120 a week.

Vicky Entwistle is most famous for playing the role of "loudmouth" factory worker Janice Battersby, wife of Les.

She joined the Street in 1997, lasting 13 years at the helm of one of the Street's more memorable families. Producers said the actress "agonised" over her decision, but decided the show's 50th anniversary year was the right time to say goodbye.

Vicky is quoted as saying:

"Corrie means so much to me and I could easily have continued to play Janice for the rest of my acting career. But I've been thinking of leaving for some time, and couldn't deny those feelings. I've a hankering to do other drama projects and so if I don't make this move now I never will."

She has been playing the role of Madame Thénardier in Les Miserables on the West End since January 2013.

Maybe CBB13 will give Bruce's career a bit of a boost - let's not forget, before Corrie he won the European Actors Award for his role as Bob Williams in Ken Loaches' film Raining Stones.

030.jpgChris Fountain has been removed from the Street after a video of him performing raps as 'The Phantom'- which included lyrics about rape - emerged online.

We reported on his suspension from the soap last week, but it is now been confirmed that his contract has been terminated due to his "unacceptable comments", a spokesman for ITV said.

Chris said in a statement that he was "deeply sorry" and "mortified" at the embarrassment he has brought to colleagues and employers.

"I completely understand that ITV had no choice but to terminate my contract today," he said.

"I have had two wonderful years playing Tommy Duckworth with only happy memories of my time on Coronation Street.

"I am mortified that I have brought so much embarrassment to my colleagues and employers these last few days."

An ITV spokesman said: "Chris Fountain's contract with ITV has been terminated as a result of the unacceptable comments he made in a number of online clips."

The actor added: "My biggest regret however is not to do with losing my job, but that I have hurt and let down so many people including those in a vulnerable situation and I am so very deeply ashamed of this.

"The lyrics that appeared online were influenced by a style of hiphop that I was experimenting with at a private freestyle session and blurted out in a moment of madness.

"There is absolutely no excuse - I take complete responsibility for my actions - but they were in no way thought out or represent at all my attitude towards women, rape and violence."

However, his actions were condemned by charities, women's groups and MPs.

Fay Maxted, chief executive of the Survivors Trust - an umbrella agency for more than 135 specialist rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse support organisations - said last week: "He is a role model for young people. It almost seems like he's making a joke of something that really isn't funny."

Tory MP Priti Patel said his raps showed "a lack of respect, regard and understanding of the crime of rape". She added: "This guy is trying to trivialise it. He should know much better."

Chris, who is also well known for shows such as Hollyoaks and Dancing On Ice, said last week that the videos were made over a year ago when he was experimenting with music.

He added in his statement: "I just want to apologise from the bottom of my heart to everyone who I have offended or upset.

"I am also mortified to have put my mother, grandad and girlfriend through the last few days which they are hurt and bewildered by and so do not deserve. I am so sorry.

"Once again to everyone who I have let down and hurt. I am deeply sorry."

The departure is the latest blow for Corrie which has been under the scandal spotlight for most of this year.

016.jpgIt is being reported that Corrie star Michelle Keegan is quitting Manchester when she leaves the soap next year and planning to set up home in Essex with boyfriend Mark Wright.

The actress said her decision to leave was not down to her romance with The Only Way Is Essex star, but told Hello! magazine that the pair were going to "start house hunting after Christmas".

The star said:

"We'll have been together for over a year by then and we'll look at areas around Essex, so it's easy to travel to London. I am really excited about it.

"I didn't decide to leave because of Mark. It's just how things have worked out. I'd actually been thinking about leaving on and off for a couple of years.

"It was a huge decision to take and a very scary one, as you never know what you'll do afterwards. I will miss it but after six years, I know it's the right thing to do. If I don't do it now at my age, when I have no children or ties, then when will I? I don't want to look back in 10 years' time and think 'what if?'."

Keegan, who grew up in Manchester, said: "I've never lived away from home or even lived with a man. But I've grown up fast over the last few years and know what's right or wrong for me."

But she's not ruling out a return to the cobbles after show bosses decided not to kill her character off.

She said: "They are leaving the door open for me, which I am very grateful for. Who knows what will happen to Tina? You never know with a soap. But I'm sure it will be a dramatic exit."

Double date with Helen and Arg, anyone?

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