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Coronation Street: Animal stars

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cat.jpgFurther to our article the other day about famous animals of the cobbles, here's our completed list: let us know if we've missed any!

Albert - Stray dog adopted by Suzie Birchall

Archie - Budgie given to Ena but taken in by Martha

Barney - David's rabbit

Beauty - Mavis' third budgie

Bella - Maxine's cat

Betty's Hotshot - Rovers racehorse

Bobby - Minnie Caldwell's first cat

Bobby - Sunny Jim - Minnie's replacement cat

Boomer - Dog Jack bought Vera

Cleo - Factory cat brought by Vera to catch mice

Dinah - Lillian Spencer's mynah bird

Dolly - One of Jack's pigeons killed by fox

Dolores - Tommy's donkey

Dougal - Sam Tindall's dog

Eccles (Lady Freckles) - Dog inherited by Blanche after a friend died

Fergie - One of Jack's favourite pigeons

Fred's Folly - Fred Gee and Alf Roberts' greyhound

Fury - Alsatian bought as a guard dog by Eddie Yeats

Gilbert - Albert Tatlock's homing pigeon

John - Jesse Chadwick's parrot

Harry/Harriet - Mavis' budgie renamed after it laid an egg

Harry - Mavis' second budgie originally a stray called Boris

Harry's Luck - Greyhound owned by Don Brennan

Jarvis - Becky Palmer's budgie

Kitchener - Alice Pickens' mynah bird

Leanne - Simon Barlow's rabbit

Little Hilda - Eddie's favourite chicken

Lucky Lolita - A greyhound owned by Harry Hewitt

Marmaduke - Cat owned by Betty

Mr. Woo - Rita's dog

Mr. Woo 2 - Rita's replacement dog after the first one died

Mitzi - Jenny Bradley's dog

Molly - One of Jack's pigeons killed by a fox

Monica - Tyrone's dog

Ozzy - Dog given to Liam Connor by Maria

Porky & Bess - Pigs owned by Keith Appleyard

Randy - Percy Sugden's budgie

Rat Features - Guinea pig owned by Sophie

Rommel - Cat owned by Hilda

Rover - Alsatian taken in by Bet

Saracen - Vicky's horse

Scamper - Joyce Smedley's then Judy Mallett's dog

Scarlett - One of Jack's pigeons

Schmeichel - Chesney's Great Dane

Shandy - Sean Tully's former dog

Sunny Jim - Jed Stone's cat

Tiger - Natalie's cat

Tucker & Zammo - Kittens taken in by Trevor Dean (aka Purno & Black)

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