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The inevitable happens - John Michie to leave Coronation Street

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John-Michie.jpgIt had to happen. HAD to. As soon as Corrie bad boy Karl Munro set light to the Rovers we knew that he would be on his way, and it's now being reported that John Michie (who plays Karl) will be leaving the soap later in the year.

It's an accepted truth that any soap character that does something bad has to be caught and so with Karl committing arson (the Rovers), murder (Sunita) and threatening to kill (Leanne) it was inevitable that he would be getting his comeuppance at some point.

The unexpected thing is that Corrie bosses have chosen Karl to be the new Weatherfield monster as he's been a good character and very well played by Michie. If reports in the Daily Star are correct, however, it seems that Karl will be on his way after Dev becomes suspicious of him and realises that Sunita has been framed as the Rovers fire starter.

So Karl will be going from hapless rogue to pitiless murderer in just a few months and leaving the street in high dudgeon? Shame, he was a fun character.

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