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This week's Coronation Street gossip round up

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Kym Marsh It's one of those weeks again where there isn't enough decent Corrie news going round to really get our teeth into. It's all little bits and bobs and gossip. So here's a quick summary of some of the lesser stories flying round at the moment.

Michelle Connor (according to The Sun) is going to be the new landlady of the Rovers after it is rebuilt after the fire which destroys it. So if it happens it won't happen for aaaaages yet. And then it probably won't.

When the Rovers is rebuilt after the fire it will be much bigger. Some papers are reporting that the pub will have more windows and extra room upstairs. Wells something has to happen. The Rovers has been like the Tardis for years now with the internal dimensions bearing no relation to what it looks like on the inside.

Shobna Gulati has got a new boyfriend. Good luck to her. No-one else's business so we'll leave it there.

Charlie Lawson, who played, Jim McDonald has got engaged. Not much of interest here, except it is being reported that in order to convince his fiancé-to-be to say yes he had to pop the question in the presence of Neil Morrissey. No idea why, but it seemed to work.

Oh, and Sophie Webster's wedding dress is up for sale on eBay. You've got 8 days left of you want to buy it (though why you would is a mystery), the bidding is currently just over £300. The whereabouts of Sian's dress is sadly unknown.

That's it for now. More breaking news and hot gossip as soon as something actually happens.

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