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The big Coronation Street question: How will they write out Kevin?

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KEVIN WEBSTER.JPGWith the ink barley dry on Michael Le Vell's charge sheet, it may appear unseemly to be postulating so soon about how Corrie bosses will write his character Kevin Webster out of the soap but that hasn't stopped the tabloids from doing just that.

The most popular theory so far is that art will (sort of) copy life and Kevin will be sent to prison for his part in the Tyrone baby kidnap plot. The Mail are quoting an ITV source as saying: 'The bosses are considering a storyline that would see him jailed for helping Tyrone kidnap Ruby. There are other options but this route seems to be a favourite at the moment.'

Certainly the biggest problem the show's writers have is how to write out a character when the actor playing them is not able to shoot any scenes. In the past characters have fallen victim to offscreen deaths - Stan Ogden dying of (of all things) gangrene and Len Fairclough in a car accident - but to kill off Kevin would be extremely harsh on Le Vell, as he has not yet been proven guilty of any wrongdoing and could, in theory, return to the show at some stage.

The prison theory does seem like a very convenient mechanism for Kevin's removal, so if it happens expect scenes with policemen visiting Sally to break the news, Norris spreading the word in the Rovers, Tyrone becoming even more morose than usual as he guilt trips himself into despair and characters stopping Sally in the street for weeks afterwards to ask 'How's Kevin doing, Sal?'

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