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If Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley wants to give money to convicts families whose business is it?

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Catherine tyldesley.jpgThere has been a bit of a storm-in-a-teacup-style kerfuffle over the past few days about Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley giving her Family Fortunes winnings to a charity that helps out the families of convicted criminals.

Some people seem to think that there are more deserving causes for the £10,000 Catherine and her family won on the show and she has sadly attracted comments saying that the decision was, at best, 'ill-advised' and even that it was 'tasteless'.

That the charity Catherine chose, Out There, are deemed unsuitable to receive her donation must seem a very odd sentiment to most Corrie viewers, who are used to seeing the affects of imprisonment has on the convict's family portrayed in the soap on a regular basis. Yes, it's only a TV show but every few months one of Corrie's characters is locked up and we see how much those left behind struggle to continue with their lives. Think of Fiz and John Stape.

Catherine has apparently offered as mitigation the fact that, when younger, she used to visit prisoners with her mum and understands what their families go through. She shouldn't be made to feel that she has to explain herself. If she wants to donate to any charity she deems fit she should be supported in her decision and congratulated on her generosity. Making someone feel guilty for doing a good thing is a very small-minded way to carry on.

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