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Coronation Street spoiler: Gloria return with Eric (Timothy West). Feb 18, 7.30pm

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David heads off to London for a course leaving Kylie at home. Meanwhile, when Gail finds a piece of paper with her bank details on in the pocket of Lewis's blazer, she realises it isn't in Lewis' handwriting.

Gloria returns from the Algarve unannounced with Eric, her new fiance, in tow, stunning her family.

When Tim tells Faye he's been laid off at work and it looks like he may be forced to take a job in Kent, Faye's gutted by the thought of losing her dad when she's only just found him and makes sure he's given reason to stick around.

Mandy moves the rest of her stuff into Lloyd's flat including Flash, her tortoise. Katy's friends swoon over Ryan.

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