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Coronation Street spoiler: Roy on winning casino streak! Fri Feb 15, 8.30pm

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Owen's shocked as Anna demands he leaves, not Tim. But Anna soon regrets her decision when Tim stuns her with a shock announcement. Can they come to an agreement about Faye's future and can Anna and Owen repair their fractured relationship?

In the casino, Sylvia, Ken and Dennis watch in awe as Roy card counts and takes the blackjack dealer to the cleaners. But will he get out of the casino with his winnings before he's rumbled?

Tina's concerned at the depth of Tyrone's depression. She relays his message to Fiz, will she decide it's time to move on or stick by the man she loves?

Jenna accepts Lloyd's offer of the spare room. Mandy's not happy she'll be living so close to Sophie. David moans about the boiler repair bill and asks Gail for help. Will she agree?

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