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Coronation Street spoiler: Tim comes for tea. Fri Feb 15, 7.30pm

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15_02_CORO_OWEN_TIM_01.JPGFaye's social worker calls to see Anna and tells her she knows about their recent rows and wonders if the adoption is breaking down. Deeply upset. Anna makes a bold move and phones Tim, inviting him round for his tea. But how will Owen react when he sees Tim with his feet under the table?

Having lost all her money in the casino, Sylvia suggests to Roy that with his mathematical brain, he could study blackjack and devise a formula to beat the casino at its own game.

Fiz is desperate to talk to Tyrone but he sends a visiting order for Tina instead, asking her to pass on a message to Fiz which leaves her reeling.

Kylie and Max are freezing at No.8 whilst Gail smugly heads to Sally's for a hot shower. Worried about her lack of job, Jenna wonders how she's going to pay her rent.

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