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Coronation Street's Jennie McAlpine tries to kickstart a 'Free Tyrone' campaign

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JENNIE McALPINE.jpgTyrone and Fiz may have only just skipped off with baby Ruby (and Hope, let's not forget Hope) but Jennie McAlpine has already been blabbing about how the runaway couple will be apprehended before they reach their intended Irish idyll.

Jennie spoke to What's On TV about how Ty and Fiz will be picked up by the fuzz while on the lam and tried to encourage viewers to start a Deidre Rachid-style 'Free Tyrone' campaign. "It's one of those great stories where the viewer also knows he's innocent," she said "maybe there will be a 'Free Tyrone' campaign!"

You may remember that in the late 90's Deidre Rachid (as was) was wrongly imprisoned for fraud and viewers got so worked up about the whole shebang that questions were even raised in parliament.

Will the same thing happen this time? Will people takes up Tyrone's cause and march in the streets with placards? Will ITV's publicity department continue to feed Corrie actors lines to plant in interviews. We reckon the answers are possibly, probably not and definitely.

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