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Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan denies being sexy for a record 267,326 time

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Michelle keegan fhm.jpgIt really is getting ridiculous now. For the past few years we've heard nothing from Corrie's Michelle Keegan except how unsexy she thinks she is. 'I'm honestly not sexy', 'If people saw what I'm like at home they wouldn't fancy me', 'I really just a tomboy' etc, etc, etc. Every time she appears in the papers or a lads mag wearing very little the pictures are accompanied by an interview where she claims to struggle with the concept of people finding her attractive.

Now she's done it again. Along with a saucy spread in the new FHM is a quote from Michelle where she claims she is not 'typically sexy'.

Well we've had enough (of the constant denials, not the pictures) so we'd just like to say 'YOU ARE CLEARLY SEXY MICHELLE, LASS. STOP DENYING IT AND GET YOUR PR PEOPLE TO FIND A NEW ANGLE.'

Sorry about that, but really, enough is enough.

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