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Coronation Street spoiler: Will Kevin help Tyrone? Feb 6, 8.30pm

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Desperate not to lose his daughter, Tyrone decides he only has one avenue left and plans to abduct Ruby then flee the street: When Tyrone finds out that Sophie is babysitting Ruby he asks Kevin to help him snatch his daughter. Kevin thinks it's a crazy idea but as a desperate Tyrone pleads his case, will Kevin agree to help his mate? And how will Fiz react when she learns of Tyrone's plan to flee the street?

Gail's fuming as Audrey insists she'll help Kylie and David with a mortgage, but not her. Gail's bitter as she claims her children and own mother have turned against her but when she realises the extent of their plan, Gail's horrified.

Anna enlists Sylvia's help in keeping an eye on Faye. Beth fusses round Marcus and Maria as she attempts to win them round. Sylvia's evasive when Roy asks her about her missing bank cards.
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