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Coronation Street spoiler: Tyrone begs for access to Ruby. Feb 4, 8.30pm

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Tyrone visits Kirsty and begs her to let him have access to Ruby. He's astonished when Kirsty suggests he moves back in and they wipe the slate clean. Desperate to see his daughter, will he agree or will he decide more extreme measures are called for?

As Gail faces the real possibility of losing her home will Audrey step into the breach and help her daughter out or has Gail's betrayal with Lewis cut too deep? As David and Kylie bemoan their housing situation Audrey offers them a surprise proposition. The couple are thrilled but how will Gail react to the plan which could see her pushed out of her own home!

Marcus and Maria enjoy a romantic evening until Beth, Craig and Kirk blunder in, ruining the moment. Maria's had enough and tells them it's time they found somewhere else to live.

Tracy enjoys winding Michelle up at the factory. Hayley's suspicious as to why Sylvia has no money. Anna and Owen do their best to keep Faye away from real dad Tim and hope their tough love is paying off. Faye's putting up less of a fight and it seems she's starting to accept that Anna doesn't want Tim to be part of her life.

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