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Coronation Street spoiler: Gail discovers truth about Lewis. Feb 4, 7.30pm

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Kirsty's got Tyrone just where she wants him and as the net closes around him, even his closest neighbours seem to believe her lies: Tyrone's outraged when his solicitor suggests he plead guilty to the charges Kirsty's made against him. He refuses but even old friends like Sally appear to suspect he's a wife-beater.

Gail's the picture of misery and is left shattered after discovering the true extent of Lewis' hatred for her. David's got no sympathy for his mum but, feeling guilty about her part in Lewis' scam, Kylie tries to hold her nerve, aware that her baby secret could be blown at any time. But how will she and David react when Gail tells them she's going to have to increase their rent?

Maria decides it's time Beth and Craig found somewhere else to live. Tracy starts at the factory and is appalled to find herself working for Kirk in packing.

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