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Who should go in the Coronation Street cull?

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stuart blackburn.jpegAs new Corrie boss Stuart Blackburn starts his tenure ship of the soap, speculation about who he may cut from the cast in the coming months.

Blackburn was infamous during his time at Emmerdale for the ruthlessness with which he killed off or dumped characters, so it may only be a matter of time before the axe swings on some of the current Corrie crop. But who should go? - not will, should.

For our money the following should be looking to up their games to avoid the chop:

Kirsty Soames - She has to go, doesn't she? It's a soap rule that bad people get their comeuppance so she's already on borrowed time.

Gary Windass - He drifts aimlessly in and out of the soap like a ginger ghost. The already-irritating surrogacy plot still has many months left to play out so we'll only have months of his angry/ anguished face to look forward to. Get rid. And get rid of Izzy as well, while you're there.

Pam Hobsworth - Still in the show, apparently (check the official ITV site) but she's not called Pointless Pam for nothing.

Ryan Connor - 'I'm on drugs', 'I'm off drugs', 'I'm on drugs', 'I'm off drugs' and so on repeated every fortnight. TV's most unconvincing portrayal of drug addiction ever and nothing else since. Complete waste of screen time.

Faye Windass - What's the point? Seriously.

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