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Pick your sides, it's Team Cotton Vs Team Condou at Coronation Street

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Sean Marcus 2.jpgIt would appear (if rumours in the papers are to be believed) that there is currently something of a falling out between the two high profile gay stars of Corrie. It seems that the real life relationship between on-screen former lovers Charlie 'Marcus' Condou and Antony 'Sean' Cotton has deteriorated to the point where they only speak to each other when they are required to by filming commitments.

What caused the spat isn't reported but a source claims that it's created a division in Weatherfield: "It is an open secret that Antony and Charlie do not see eye to eye. There is a real divide throughout the cast and crew, with some people Team Condou and a few Team Cotton. They are both very different people and whereas Antony is quite showbizzy, Charlie is quite quiet and down to earth. They simply rub each other up the wrong way."

They may have to reach some form of accommodation as Charlie has now signed a new 2-year deal to stay on the show.

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