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New Coronation Street boss promises that the show will retain 'warmth and optimism'

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stuart blackburn.jpegIncoming Corrie executive producer Stuart Blackburn has been talking to the Manchester Evening News about his plans for the show and insisted that the show will stick to its founding principals.

He said: "Corrie is in an incredibly strong position at the moment. The viewing figures are great. It started the year at 9m to 9.5m. It's rarely below 8.5m and more often than not it's beating EastEnders. My vision of Corrie is really simple. The first episode wasn't whimsical, it wasn't a comedy, it wasn't a nostalgic love-fest. It was gripping urban drama done on popular television for the very first time.

He continued: "It was kind of revolutionary - the lives, loves and aspirations of the working classes. What I want Corrie to do is retain that wit, the warmth and optimism. This is a show about a community in 21st-century working-class Britain. The characters have to be recognisable to people living that life. All modern cities now have a massively diverse ethnicity. That's what we've got to address and I think Corrie has done to an extent, but we must continue to do that."

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