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Natalie Gumede and Nigel Havers are to be axed from Coronation Street?

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natalie gumede.jpgThe Standard are claiming that (to no-one's surprise) Nigel Havers and Natalie Gumede are leaving Coronation Street.

Quite honestly, both of their characters - Lewis Archer and Kirsty Soames - have been painted in corners and so their exits would come as no surprise. The Standard, though, have a couple of slightly weird quotes from a supposed 'source' and an 'insider'.

First up, the 'source' says: "There have already been rumours the new boss will want to put his stamp on things, but these two big changes are certain." If they are certain we'd have had a statement from ITV, they are actually very likely.

The 'insider' continued: "Talks on how Kirsty will leave are ongoing, but producers know the audience want her to get her deserts. One way or another, she will." We may be wrong but we think they may mean desserts, not deserts. Unless Kirsty is to be buried up to her neck in sand. Which might happen.

Finally, the insider says: "This could herald the start of a major new era for Corrie." We have no idea whatsoever what this could mean. None. Two relatively short-term, minor characters are leaving the show, it's not like the producers have decided to demolish the street and replace it with a shopping centre, is it?

Thanks anyway, the Standard, for those hopeless titbits.

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