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How will Hayley Cropper leave Coronation Street?

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julie hesmondhalgh.jpegWith the news confirmed that Julie Hesmondhalgh is to leave Corrie, speculation has begun as to how her character, Hayley Cropper, will be written out. First off the blocks is......cancer.

Rumours have spread online that Hayley will die of a terminal illness BUT these were quickly quashed by a Corrie spokesperson who said: "No discussions have been had yet about Hayley's departure storyline. She is on screen till the end of this year and any reports are pure guesswork and speculation."

Spoilsports. We WANT to speculate! Here are our current top 3 possible exit plots:

1. Murdered by Scary Mary. With Mary currently making yet another play for Roy we wouldn't be surprised to see her finally tip over from crazy-but-essentially-benign saddo into love-struck maniac who hits bludgeons Hayley to death with one of Roy's frying pans.

2. Moves to Amsterdam to have her sex change reversed. Tired of living a lie, Hayley realises that she is, in fact, a man trapped inside the body of a woman who used to be a man and decides to 're-tackle'.

3. Hit by a tram in Blackpool. Come on, this hasn't been done for years! Let's have another one.

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