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Coronation Street: This week's Michelle Keegan news - she's got a suntan!

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Michelle keegan bikini.jpegWe all know by now that the newspapers need a new Michelle Keegan 'story' every couple of days, basically so they have an excuse to print a picture of her in a bikini. Today they must be in heaven as it would appear that Michelle has been on holiday and got a suntan, the perfect excuse to run a bikini pic if ever their was one.

The gist of this hot news is that she went on holiday with her new 'beau' Mark Something and got a bit too brown, so the Corrie crew had to blather all visible body parts in lightening make up.

So there we go, girl goes on holiday and comes home a bit tanned. There's the news. Not that we'd ever run something like that just as an excuse to accompany it with a picture of Michelle Keegan in a bikini. Oh, no, not us.

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