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Coronation Street spoiler: Monday 28 January, 7.30pm

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Audrey's fed up with her family being at war and asks Gail, David and Nick to meet her in the pub to sort out their differences. But when Gail fails to show, in favour of a smooch Lewis, the family realise they've been stood up and head round to the Platts.

Jenna's been in turmoil ever since her ill-fated kiss with Sophie. Jenna psyches herself up for her tribunal, is she ready to admit her sexuality to the world and tell the truth about her kiss with Sophie, her patient? She's desperate to hold onto her job and with Sophie offering to lie for her in a bid to help save her career will Jenna take the easy way out?

Gossip is rife on the street as Tyrone and Kirsty stick to their stories. Having been accused of domestic violence by his abusive ex Kirsty, Tyrone is desperate to clear his name, not least so he can fight for access to their daughter Ruby.

Tracy's furious when she receives a divorce petition through the post from Steve. Faye's angry when Anna bans her from using the internet, worried she'll use it to contact Tim.

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