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Coronation Street spoiler: Tyrone's sham marriage. Jan 21st, 7.30pm

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It's the morning of the wedding and Tyrone feels a mixture of relief and panic over what he's about to do, feeling terrible knowing the marriage is a sham. Needing to be married to Kirsty so he can ensure parental rights over Ruby he heads to the church, despite the fact that he's in love with Fiz. As Tyrone waits at the church he starts to panic, fearing Kirsty has discovered all. It's also Kirsty's big day, despite her abusive nature she insists she loves Tyrone and wants to be his wife. When she arrives looking a million dollars it looks like his plan has worked. But as the main event approaches will Kirsty smell a rat?

Gail helps Nick out at the bistro but when Lewis tampers with the order and alters the amount of olives needed, how will Nick react to her 'mistake'?

Faye's been acting strangely. She feigns illness so she doesn't have to go to school but Anna then catches her trying to sneak out of the house. What is Faye up to?

Jenna's in turmoil as she faces losing her job over her kiss with Sophie. Sally assures Sophie she believes her story not Jenna's. When Rob and Tracy both climb into Steve's taxi insisting it's theirs neither will back down. Have they met their match?

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