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Coronation Street spoiler: Tyrone and Fiz plan get away. Jan 18, 7.30/8.30pm

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7.30pm: Tyrone and Fiz make plans for a quick getaway with Ruby as soon as the wedding reception starts. But when Kirsty walks in Tyrone's forced to hide his secret phone down the side of the sofa. When the girls then arrive for Kirsty's hen party, Tyrone heads off without it. Will Kirsty find the phone and discover Tyrone's betrayal?
Carla lets slip to Sally that she has a crucial meeting which is make-or-break for the factory. Carla orders Sally not to breathe a word but when Rob gets a sniff, will Sally's loyalty be put to the test? Kylie comes to a decision about her future. A devious Lewis hints that Gail would like to have No.8 to herself in the near future.

8.30pm: Tyrone tries to escape his stag do in order to retrieve his phone. Eventually, he slips away, much to his relief the phone is still on the sofa and he returns it to its hiding place. Meanwhile, Fiz is wrong-footed when Kirsty calls at No.5, insisting they bury the hatchet for Tyrone's sake and inviting Fiz to the wedding.
When Carla arrives at her meeting to discover Rob trying to steal her client, Carla realises she's better off keeping Rob on her side. But when she offers him a deal, Rob drives a hard bargain.
Gail's crushed when Kylie announces she plans to move out. Seizing his chance, Lewis continues to plot against Gail, isolating her from her family and dripping poison into her ear about about a new life of her own. But as their relationship develops, what is Lewis' end game?

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