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Coronation Street's Simon Gregson 'gay' prank on Andrew Whyment

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Andrew Whyment.jpgCorrie's Simon Gregson has pranked co-star Andy Whyment by announcing to all his friends and family that he is gay. Married Andy (who plays Kirk Sutherland) left his phone unguarded and within the reach of Simon (Steve McDonald) on set. Simon took the opportunity to send everyone in Andy's email address book an invite to a 'coming out' party.

The email read: "Please all come to my coming out party. I've decided to stop living a lie. I've realised that men make me happy and full of joy and other things."

The Sun is quoting a 'source' as saying: "Everyone thought it was hilarious and obviously Andy took it in his stride. Simon is the real joker in the pack and is always sparring with his co-stars, particularly Alan Halsall (Tyrone Dobbs), Craig Charles (Lloyd Mullaney), Mike Le Vell (Kevin Webster) and Andy, of course. People thought it was a wind-up, but apparently one of the neighbours who received the email actually thought Andy and his wife had decided to come out and reveal their marriage was a sham and that Andy was gay. [Wife] Nicola tweeted to Alan Halsall, 'My neighbour believed it'. I think she quickly put them right."

Funny it may be, but we reckon Andy has got a case for workplace bullying, actually.

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