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Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley has the tattoo blues

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Catherine tyldesley.jpgCorrie 'hottie' Catherine Tyldesley (who plays Eva 'cleavage' Price) is apparently in a bit of a tizz after getting henna tattoos while on holiday.

It seems that Catherine was holidaying in Dubai with boyfriend Sam Witter and thought it would be a lark to get the temporary tats on her hands. But now she's due back on set and the tattoos refuse to disappear.

She posted a request for help on Twitter, saying: "How does one get henna off my hands? Don't think Eva can explain the henna! Tried everything!"

The Mirror is quoting a 'source' as saying: "We have had problems in the past with cast coming back from holidays with tans or their hair changed. But we have never heard of anyone coming into work with henna tattoos on their hands. There really will be no way to explain that when it comes to filming. It would only have been a bit of fun when Catherine decided to get then done, but I'm sure she'll think twice before she ever does it again."

We, here at Corrie Blog, may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer but it occurs to us that there is a simple way to solve this particular problem - gloves! Or make-up! There's two solutions, surely someone at ITV has already thought of those.

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