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Coronation Street's Samia Ghadie is now the ex of Coronation Street ex Will Thorp

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samia smith.jpgCorrie's Samia Ghadie (who plays Maria 'my boyfriend is actually gay' Connor) has split up with former Corrie actor Will Thorp (who played...erm....hang on, it'll come to us.......erm....umm, no it's gone).

Now, none of this is really anyone's business but theirs but some of the papers have decided to make a big splash out of it because a) they both left their respective partners to get together so the press can get all moralistic about it and b) she's about to appear in Dancing On Ice in a skimpy outfit so it gives them excuse to print a picture of her in said outfit.

We've only mentioned it at all because...erm...don't know why really. Just felt like a gossip.

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