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Former Coronation Street actress gives up acting to be a barmaid

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Margi Clarke.jpegLiverpudlian actress Margi Clarke, who used to play Tyrone Dobbs's mum Jackie in Corrie, has been in the papers over the last few days talking about how the acting work has dried up so she now works in a pub.

In what appears to be an transparent bid to remind Corrie producers that she still exists, Margi posed for pictures behind the bar of the pub where she works and managed to get pleas for a return to Weatherfield (and a bid to appear on I'm A Celebrity, while she was at it) in the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail and - ahem - Liverpool Confidential.

Certainly, with all that's going on with the Tyrone/ Kirsty storyline, now would appear to be an ideal time for Jackie to return to the Street. If not, we'll have 6 pint of lager and a bag of nuts please, Margi.

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