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Coronation Street spoiler: Fri Dec 7, 7.30pm

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David's not happy with Kylie for going out on the lash last night. Feeling guilty Kylie secretly swigs down another contraceptive pill. But when Gail accidentally stumbles across Kylie's pills after knocking over her handbag, Kylie's forced to come clean. As she explains she doesn't want a baby at the moment and wants to focus on her job Gail's sympathetic but advises her to tell David the truth straight away.

With Tina having made her decision about whether to continue with the pregnancy she now has to face both Tommy and Izzy's reaction. As emotions boil over Tommy and Gary cause a stir by rowing in the street. Kevin and Izzy are forced to intervene to stop them coming to blows but as the gossips speculate about his relationship will Tommy snap and reveal all?

Leanne informs Simon that Peter won't be coming back for Christmas. Simon takes the news badly, upset that Peter will miss his nativity. In a bid to cheer him up Nick proposes a holiday to Disneyworld. But Leanne's amusement turns to shock when Nick suggests they also visit Las Vegas and remarry!

Steve's amused that Dennis is keeping his job a secret but agrees not to tell anyone. However when he stops Steve's car at his crossing he can't resist a dig. In revenge, Dennis keeps Steve waiting. Anger rising, will Steve retaliate? Gail's thrilled when Lewis invites her out for dinner to say thank you.

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