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Julie Goodyear remembers her old Coronation Street friend Bill Tarmey

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BILL TARMEY.jpgFormer Corrie actress Julie Goodyear has been reminiscing about her old friend, the late Bill Tarmey. Julie, who played brassy barmaid Bet Lynch, was a close friend of Bill and played opposite him in some of his first scenes as Jack Duckworth. She told the Radio Times: "I can remember one of the very first scenes I did with Bill on Coronation Street. He was terribly nervous and I did something very unprofessional: I had a quiet word with the floor manager and asked him not to announce that we were going for a take.

"I knew, in my heart, that if Bill could get one take under his belt then his confidence would soar. So Bill, thinking it was a rehearsal, was absolutely wonderful. And afterwards, his nerves kicked in again and he said, 'Oh Jules. We have to do a take now. I hope I'm half as good as that.'

"And I said, 'Billy, that was a take!' And he threw his arms around me. He never forgot that. Afterwards the nerves went away and he made Jack Duckworth a fantastic character."

Julie also spoke of Bill's relationship with his late wife: "His wife Ali was his absolute soulmate, he adored his family and his wife. In fact, it was their golden anniversary this year. So the news of his death is so very sad."

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