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Helen Flanagan says she left Coronation Street because of depression

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helen flanagan cross.jpegAs she prepares the celebrity jungle, former Corrie actress Helen Flanagan has been talking to Reveal magazine about the depression she says made her decide to quit the street.

Helen, who played Weatherfield flibbertigibbet Rosie Webster took 9 months off the soap a couple of years ago and when she returned seemed to be behaving oddly. She admitted to panic attacks on set but now says she was actually had depression. She says: "I've suffered from depression. It was the main reason I had to leave Coronation Street. I was down and it was very intense - I don't think I was very well. People will think I'm an ungrateful cow - like, what's so bad about my life that made me depressed? I have a good job, money, this and that."

It al makes sense to us here at Corrie Blog, we said at the time that Helen didn't seem to be right and depression would account for it. Here's hoping that a stint in the Australian jungle wearing a bikini and eating kangaroo's penis will help her feel better.

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