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Did Deidre's wet Grazia give us Coronation Street's line of the year?

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DEIDRE BARLOW.JPGOne of the many reasons we all love Corrie is the dialogue. When the scriptwriters are on form then Norris or Mary or Steve or Kylie have all been known to drop in sublime one-liners. The occasional, well-placed, well-paced, bon mot has always been the cornerstone of he show's appeal. Deidre Barlow, though, is not generally recognised as A-list with the memorable lines, until last night that is.

During Wednesday's show Deidre came down the stairs after enjoying a 'nice long soak' in the bath. As she descended she called out to the absent Ken 'Oh, that was lovely. I dropped off at one point and got me Grazia wet'.

Genius. It's an observational line worthy of Alan Bennett and suggestive filth far richer and smuttier than anything even Benny Hill ever managed.

Congratulations and kudos to Damon Rochefort, the writer of the episode, for giving us what may prove to be Corrie's line of the year from a very unexpected source.

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