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Coronation Street spoiler: Kirsty and Fiz fight in factory. Nov 30, 8.30pm

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As Fiz and Tommy freeze in horror, Kirsty demands an explanation. The girls arrive back at the factory to find Kirsty in a stand-off with Fiz. Kirsty hurls insults at Fiz who bites back and the pair have to be pulled apart. The factory's in an uproar with Kirsty and Fiz both refusing to work together. Tommy sends for Tyrone to calm things down and he arrives with Ruby to find Kirsty accusing Fiz of trying to break up her relationship.

Kirsty wants to know if he can explain Fiz and Tommy's secret chat. Faced with an audience, Tyrone turns on Fiz, accusing her of pursuing him and trying to seduce him. Taking her cue, Fiz falls on her sword and admits she tried to steal Tyrone from Kirsty. Everyone's scandalised and a vindicated Kirsty is triumphant. Rob and Michelle sack Fiz for gross misconduct, citing all the disruption her antics have created in the factory. Meanwhile, Tyrone apologises to Kirsty for keeping Fiz's harassment a secret and begs her to marry him straightaway.

Tommy cooks Tina a meal to thank her for sorting the job with Owen. But when Tina's morning sickness and tiredness put a dampener on the evening, Tommy struggles to hide his annoyance.

Rita learns the bank blocked her card as a security measure due to an unusual spending pattern. She's relieved that the account hasn't been emptied. But when Dennis returns from the shops laden with bags, Rita condemns his extravagance. Jolted, Dennis resolves to get a job.

Stella gives Jason book-keeping advice and commiserates with him over Maria. She tells him the right girl will come along for him soon. David and Kylie are unimpressed when Lewis lays on a takeaway as a thank-you to Gail.

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