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Coronation Street spoiler: Fiz and Kirsty warned. Nov 30, 7.30pm

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30_11_CORO_FACTORY_02.JPGFiz assures Tyrone he's doing the right thing and encourages him to stick to the plan before heading back to work, her first day since her accident. The girls welcome her but Kirsty wastes no time picking a fight. Rob and Michelle call Fiz and Kirsty into the office and warn them not to cause any further aggro. Fiz decides to work through her lunch break to avoid Kirsty. Tommy calls into the factory to discuss his concerns for Tyrone, he's still nervous but Fiz is confident the plan will work. However when Kirsty walks in and demands to know just what Tyrone's going to sort, Fiz and Tommy are like rabbits caught in the headlights!

Tommy's frustrated that he's still unemployed so Tina asks Owen to employ Tommy as a labourer now that Jason's left. Owen agrees and Tina's delighted. But how will Tommy react to news of his new job?

Over lunch at the Bistro, Rita confides in Emily that Dennis is spending money like water since he started using his cash card. She's wary of broaching the subject with Dennis for fear of emasculating him. Emily's sure the novelty will soon wear off but when Rita's card is declined at the Bistro how will she react?

Gail fusses around Lewis, waiting on him hand and foot. There's a frisson between Jason and Stella as he arrives for work at the Rovers. Stella tells Jason she'll have to put his job through the books but when Jason admits he has no idea about paperwork will Stella offer her services?

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