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Coronation Street's Crazy Kirsty: How are they going to get rid of her?

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crazy kirsty .jpgWe all now that one of the incommutable laws of soap is 'bad people shall get their comeuppance'. It's the way it is; if you have an affair, it get discovered, if you commit murder, you get caught. It has always been thus and always thus shall be. Where, then, does this leave Corrie's latest bad girl Crazy Kirsty?

Over the past couple of years she has gradually become more angry and nasty and unhinged. She started off being a bit of the jealous type and gone to full-on Tyrone-beating nutterdom. She is fast approaching the point of no return, terminal velocity, the endgame. She can't get any more evil without causing someone serious harm and she's not such a long-term or much-loved character that the writers and producers will attempt to rehabilitate her. Unlike Tracy Barlow (who's evilness viewers actually revel in) she is following the likes of John Stape and Richard Hillman by flying into an unavoidable bad behaviour brick wall.

What can be done with her? Well, the most likely outcomes are death or prison. We reckon it's a toss up between the two and it'll be down to the keenness of actress Natalie Gumede to return to the street to determine if Kirsty is killed off or locked up to return to haunt Tyrone further down the line.

Either way, it'll hopefully be quite soon as it's all getting a bit ridiculous and repetitive.

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