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Coronation Street spoiler: Nov 19, 8.30pm

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Eva tries to persuade Kylie that Leanne doesn't really love Nick and is simply using him as a meal ticket. Kylie isn't convinced but when Leanne catches her knocking back the remains of a customers bottle of wine and tears a strip off her in front of Nick, Kylie tells Eva she'll help her win Nick. They need to expose Leanne's feelings so Kylie is going to persuade Nick to propose to her. She's certain Leanne will decline! Later Nick apologises to Kylie about the way Leanne kicked off. He opens up and shares his concerns that Leanne doesn't feel the same as he does regarding there relationship. Kylie grabs her chance and tells him to propose, claiming Leanne likes grand gestures. When Eva backs up Kylie's suggestion, Nick decides there's no time to lose and when all the family are gathered at the Bistro he prepares to go down on bended knee.

Kirsty rails at Tyrone over the text message, telling him he can stay away from the baby group and the birthday party he was hoping to take Ruby to. Tyrone starts to bite back but a dangerous glint in Kirsty's eye soon makes him back off. When he tells Fiz what happened she tells him to tell Kirsty he's going to the party and she can like it or lump it.

Miffed that his night out isn't going to happen, David plays pirates with Max instead. He's irked when Gail comments that since Kylie is so career minded it's a good job David has taken so well to parenting. Later when Kylie returns, however, she agrees with Gail. She thinks David's the best Dad Max could ever wish for. And this starts David thinking....

Rob makes his peace with Michelle and Steve.

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