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Coronation Street spoiler: Jason attacks Marcus Nov 12, 8.30pm

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Sean is speechless with shock at the sight of Marcus and Maria kissing passionately. He flees the flat with Marcus in pursuit. Marcus struggles to explain. Sean looks at him with hatred. In the pub Sean finds a depressed Jason drinking alone. As Marcus and Maria arrive they assume Sean has already spilt the beans and start trying to defend their situation. Realising what's going on a raging Jason flies at Marcus. The fight spills onto the street as the residents look on in shock and Sean insists Marcus doesn't love Maria but just wants a ready made family. Horrified Marcus and Maria are forced to face the havoc they have wreaked!

The five-a-side match is in full flow and Carole (Weatherfield Arms) and Stella are on the touch line trying to out do each other with their support for their teams. On the pitch Steve struggles to keep up the pace and the Rovers side lose. As Rob blames Steve for being so unfit, Steve is sick of Rob's jibes and vows to get even.

Tina tells the waiting Windass clan that the result is negative. Gary and Izzy are crestfallen but as Anna remarks there's still plenty of opportunity. The doctors have advised that Tina should test every day. Later Tina tells Tommy she feels like she's let everyone down. Tommy reassures her, but is he secretly pleased with the result?

Elsewhere Tyrone enjoys his evening with Dev but will Kirsty put a dampener on his spirits when he gets home?

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