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Coronation Street stars pay tribute to the late Bill Tarmey

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BILL TARMEY.jpgStars of Corrie past and present have been paying their tributes to Bill Tarmey, who passed away on Saturday aged 71.

Liz Dawn, who for almost 30 years played Vera to Bill's Jack Duckworth, said: "I am devastated. He was a lovely man. He will always be remembered by everyone he came into contact with because he was such a kind and generous man. I am totally bereft. Bill was like part of my family. You couldn't wish to meet a more lovely man and a true gentleman. He was a gentle giant and I will miss him so much."

Nigel Pivaro, who played Jack and Vera's bad boy son Terry said: "He became a huge part of both my professional and personal life, and I came to look on him as a second father. Bill's passing has left all who knew his kindness, warmth and special earthy, working-class humour walking a little lonelier. Despite his undoubted popularity, Bill always remained true to his humble self. Though he is now gone, we will smile with him at all the cherished memories he has left us."

Julie Goodyear, who used to play Rovers landlady Bet Lynch, said: "My heart goes go out to Bill's family. It is a terrible shock. It was his golden wedding this year and we have never lost touch. His comedy timing, screen ¬presence and talent were clear to all but he was even more marvellous away from the cameras. Bill was caring, ¬compassionate and everything you could wish for in a person. He was probably one of the most popular men in ¬showbusiness. It was a ¬privilege to have known him."

Johnny Briggs (Mike Baldwin) said: "He'd been told for years to give up smoking and drinking but he always wanted to live life on his terms and enjoy himself. He was a genuinely nice man and a real pal. We had some great times and he will be missed by so many."
And Bill Roache, Corrie longest-standing star, said: "Jack Duckworth was the downtrodden loveable rogue who never got anything right but was loved by everyone. This was down to Bill's incredible skills as an actor. He had amazing comic timing and was a warm and wonderful human being."

Other stars of the show took to Twitter and social networks to pay tribute to Bill, who died at his home on the island of Tenerife. He is survived by his wife, Alma, son Carl and daughter Sara.

We'd like to add our condolences and say that Bill made Jack one of Weatherfield's greatest characters and was hugely loved by all fans of the show. Rest in peace, Bill.

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