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The year so far in Coronation Street: Has it been any good?

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rovers return.jpgSo here we are in October - three quarters of the way through the year - time, we thought, for a little look back at how Corrie has been in 2012.

If we're honest, it's not been great, has it? Despite some stories looking like potential humdingers at the start of the year there has really been very little to write home about and most of the big storylines have been sadly unmemorable.

The year started with the exit of Becky McDonald - a great character played by a fabulous actress, but her final episodes were muddled and hurried. Around the same time Milton 'Man From UNCLE' Fanshaw arrived to very little fanfare and even less affect. His scenes with Sylvia could have been gold dust but we bet many of you had entirely forgotten about him already.

Next up came the whole Frank Foster trial/ factory take-over/ murder/ Carla's confession/ whatever else happened storyline. Considering the build-up and press coverage the whole thing got it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Frank's mother Anne being the murderess was sign-posted far too early and so, rather than a 'Who shot JR?'-sized mystery, we ended up with a few weeks of drab sensationalism and unconvincing police work.

The Tyrone/ Kirsty/ domestic violence/ pregnancy thing has been protracted and, unfortunately, dull. An important issue tackled, but in an over-protracted and repetitive manner. The same goes for the Izzy/ Gary/ baby/ surrogacy palaver. Just dull.

Aside from these major plots we've had Betty's funeral (which was touching and well done) and Rita's wedding (which was utterly ruined by the rubbish Tommy drugs thing), the arrival of Rob Donovan (meh), Ryan Connor (slightly less meh) and Gloria Price (not as momentous as we'd hoped).

On the plus side, the Stella/ Karl/ Sunita/ Dev omni-shambles has been very entertaining. Sunita seemed to turn into a man-hungry hussy extremely quickly but on the whole it provided some great fun. Norris, Mary, Sean, Julie, Brian and Steve have all continued to provide many laughs and even Ken and Deidre have been responsible for more humour than usual.

As for the rest of the year, the Tracy/ Ryan relationship might prove fun, Lloyd and his daughter might be touching and the Kirk/ Beth pairing might be hilarious. Might. We'll have to wait and see. Certainly the Tina surrogacy and Tyrone DV plots will continue to drag out for the foreseeable future and both look unlikely to turn interesting.

Not a vintage year on the cobbles thus far, then. Let's hope that 2013 and the move to the new Salford Quays set will help Corrie raise it's game.

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