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'She's nearly twice your age' - The maths on Coronation Street just doesn't add up

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kym marsh green dress.jpgWhen, on Friday night, Michelle Connor yelled 'She's nearly twice your age' at son Ryan during another row about his relationship with Tracy Barlow it got us thinking - No she's not, and you're not even old enough to be his mum!

Obviously the actors on Corrie play characters that are slightly different ages to themselves, but when it comes to Kym Marsh, Sol Heras and Kate Ford (who play Michelle, Ryan and Tracy, respectively) the ages are a lot closer than the show would like us to think.

Kate is 35 and Sol 25, nowhere near as big an age difference as their characters - 39 and 21, we believe - and (more worryingly) Kym is 36, which means she is only 11 years older than her on-screen son. Michelle can't even use that well worn 'she's old enough to be your mother' line as neither she nor Tracy are anywhere near old enough to be Ryan's mum.

Yes, we know that we're stretching a point but there is a feeling of stretched credibility underlying the whole of the Michelle/ Ryan/ Tracy/ Steve storyline and the age anomalies don't help. And let's not get into the fact that Ryan isn't even Michelle's real son. Best to let that fiasco lie.

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