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Coronation Street spoiler: Sophie in danger. Oct 24, 7.30pm

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Michelle comforts a heartbroken Ryan. A a grovelling Steve tries to win Michelle back. Ryan's convinced that his mum was in on Steve's plan to set him up. Michelle swears she wasn't but an angry Ryan storms out. He jumps into a cab, telling the driver to head for a bar in town. A concerned Sophie jumps in the car with him. At the pub Ryan gets smashed, scores some coke and starts a fight. When they're thrown out of the bar, Sophie is powerless to help Ryan. High on drugs, he plays chicken with the traffic on a dual carriageway. Sophie implores him to stop but Ryan ignores her and as Sophie makes a desperate attempt to pull him from the road, tragedy strikes.

Concerned about Gloria, Lewis asks Audrey about her. She tells him she hardly knows her and when she wonders why he's interested, he manages not to tell her the truth - that Gloria is dying! Arriving at the pub for his shift, Lewis fusses round Gloria, insisting she puts her feet up. When he asks if she's OK, Gloria tells him she could do with a friendly ear and wonders if he's free for dinner that evening. Accepting, Lewis ponders how he'll manage to hide what he's doing from Audrey.

Mary plans a Greek extravaganza though Anna defiantly reminds her she'll be having nothing to do with it. Beth's up for it, and later when the night is in full swing, she produces some ouzo and starts dishing out the shots.

Izzy's off to the clinic with Gary to have her eggs harvested.

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