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Coronation Street's Brooke Vincent confirms that Sophie Webster will be getting a new girlfriend

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brooke vincent awards.jpgCorrie's Brooke Vincent (who plays Weatherfield lesbian Sophie Webster) has told The Daily Star that her character will be getting a new girlfriend soon. She was, of course, almost married to former girlfriend Sian (Sacha Parkinson) last year before she got cold feet and they split, but it seems that Sophie is ready to move on.

"I can't reveal whether her relationship will be with a new character or an existing member of the street, but it will be with another girl", said Brooke.

On Sophie's ground-breaking relationship with Sian she added: There aren't actually many lesbians on telly, and Sophie and Sian were so young. But we made sure we didn't change our appearances or start acting any differently to meet the stereotype."

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