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Coronation Street new boy Sol Heras sent home for having a black eye

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sol heras.jpgSo, this story came from The People and consequently has to be taken with a pinch of salt. It seems that new-ish Corrie actor Sol Heras (Ryan Connor) has been written out of Xmas episodes after turning up on set with a black eye.

Apparently Sol sustained the injury in a friendly football match and, despite the Corrie make-up team doing there best to cover the marks, the black eye was too noticeable for him to complete his scenes.

Our old pal the 'Corrie Source' supposedly told The People: Sol turned up to work sporting a massive black eye but he didn't want anyone to see it, so he went straight to make-up and got them to cover it up. He was trying to be discreet and said he had got the injury playing football. He then started filming his Christmas scenes at Nick's Bistro, but when they were finished, production looked back at them and you could see [the bruising]. In the end, all the scenes he had just filmed had to be put in the bin and they had to rewrite them around him. They told him to go home and come back when he felt better."

Could be true, who can tell? We may have to wait until Xmas to see is Ryan suddenly vanishes from our screens.

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