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Coronation Street's Kate Ford talks about her OCD

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kate ford.jpgIn the week where her character Tracy Barlow reveals that she is pregnant (or is she?), Corrie star Kate Ford has been speaking to the Daily Mirror about her on-going problems with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Kate explains that she has suffered with OCD for many years: "In my 20s I did have really bad OCD - I'd check things continually. I could check the oven 20 times before going to bed and all the sockets had to be turned off. It's like your brain gets stuck in a loop. I do still have a bit of OCD"

Her condition is no fun for her partner Jon and their young son Otis, either: "When I'm in Manchester I do this thing on the phone with Jon every single night, where I go through a check-list of things he needs to do before he goes to bed. I say, 'Have you checked the oven's off? Have you checked you've locked the back door? Is the car locked? Is the intercom on to hear Otis? Is the alarm on?' I do it every night - I've never missed. I have to do it. One time I couldn't get in touch with him and I couldn't get to sleep. Jon indulges me in it. He probably hates it and I don't know whether he's really checked or not, but he says yes! Now when I check things just once I feel I've done really well."

Kate says that diet and exercise help her cope with her issues so she swims regularly and never eats junk food.

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