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Anne Kirkbride confirms that she is never leaving Coronation Street. Well, that's a relief

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ANNE KIRKBRIDE.JPGRest easy, folks. We know there must be a lot of you out there worried that Anne Kirkbride (Deidre Hunt Langton/ Barlow/ Rachid/ Barlow) might be thinking of leaving Corrie. Well she's not. Not ever. Not according to Anne herself, anyway, in a new programme marking her 40th year on the show.

The news of Anne's plan to just carry on exactly as she has done for the past 4 decades was 'leaked' by The Sun as they quoted her as saying she 'certainly has no plans' to go. It seems she says it in the programme.

Thanks for that, The Sun. It's that kind of fine journalism ('we see preview clip of programme where woman who has done something for a long time plans to continue to do it') that entirely makes up for the whole phone hacking thing.

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