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Coronation Street's surrogacy plotline: Will it be 9 months of boredom?

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Tina McIntyre.jpegAll soaps seem to find in necessary to include the occasional 'socially relevant' storyline they very rarely prove popular with the viewers or particularly entertaining.
Sometimes plots (such as the Carla Connor rape) play out over long, uncomfortable months and sometimes they appear and are quickly dropped when they are shown to be ridiculous (we're thinking of the Ryan Connor baby swap plot, here). We're not saying that many of these aren't hugely significant social issues or that soaps shouldn't reflect real life incidents but soap storylines are often like supertankers, very slow to slow down or stop. Sometimes you can see a crash coming and it's not a pleasant feeling.

Here at Corrie Blog we've got a sinking feeling that the Izzy/ Gary/ Tina/ surrogacy story has all the signs of a huge, boring iceberg that Corrie is sailing inexorably toward.

Again, obviously surrogacy and disability are very important issues but if Gary and Izzy pay Tina to have their baby then we are going to have months (or possibly years) of very predictable and dull scenes. 'Gary is overprotective of Tina', 'Tina has a fall', 'Owen is overprotective of Tina', 'Tommy can't handle the pregnancy', "Izzy has her doubts about loving the baby', "Izzy is overprotective of Tina', 'Izzy is jealous of Tina', 'Norris thinks it's all disgraceful', 'Rita is overprotective of Tina', 'Tina can't bring herself to hand over the baby'....blah, blah, blah. On and on it will go - extended, predictable and only good for use as a kettle break.

Obviously these storylines are debated and decided by the producers and writers over the course of weeks and all angles are worked out, but this is soapland, there are rules. Baddies always get their comeuppance, there is a cliffhanger every half hour and sensitive storylines are handled with kid gloves. We guarantee that the characters will have to behave within very narrow parameters for the duration of the story and nothing sensational or funny will happen. It will be sooooooo boring.

Please, please, Corrie bosses, start turning the ship now. There's a big, dull crash a-coming.

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