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Former Corrie star Bruce Jones talks about suicide on the eve of bankruptcy

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Bruce jones.jpgBruce Jones, who played Les Battersby in Corrie for 10 years, has been talking to The Mirror about his ongoing battles with depression and drink and his worries about how imminent bankruptcy may leave him without a home.

Jones was sacked from the soap in 2007 for revealing upcoming plots to an undercover reporter while drunk. Since then he has lost his estimated £4 million fortune, his home in Manchester and now his wife. He is about to be declared bankrupt and will probably lose his house in Wales.

He told The Mirror that he fears he may end up living rough and has contemplated suicide in his darkest moments, saying: "After I lost my job, nothing went right. I used to try to drink depression away. I was in suicide mode. I planned to end it all so I phoned my mother and said goodbye. I cried down the phone to her but my wife heard me and got me to a ¬doctor just in time."

He says that fame has not brought happiness: "People still remember me as Les, they still say hello and come over to have a photo and that's great. I had 10 great years acting and I'm very grateful for that and all the chances I had. But at the end of the day what good did it do me? And what do I do now?"

Here's hoping Bruce finds a way to sort his problems out and return to good health.

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