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Coronation Street's Emily Bishop in inappropriate dialogue shocker

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Corrie may occasionally feature off colour comments (usually emanating from the lips of Kylie) but never from Emily Bishop. In tonight's first episode, though, was a corker.EMILY BISHOP.jpg

Chatting to Rita in the Rovers about which one of them would die first (cheery chat, then) Emily said that Rita would out-live her because 'even a tram couldn't see you off.' Anyone spot what is inappropriate with that? That's right, Alan Bradley.

As we all know Alan Bradley was Rita's former lover who was killed by a tram when chasing her around Blackpool. Rita ran in front of the tram immediately before it hit Bradley. Why would Emily choose the occasion of Betty's funeral to remind Rita about a old flame who pretended to be her dead husband to try and defraud her out of her house and who died from tram-related injuries while trying to kill her? It's a very odd thing to do.

We'll put it down to grief, shall we?

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