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Coronation Street spoiler: December 12, 7.30/8.30pm

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7.30pm: As Leanne worries over Peter and where he is, he wakes at Carla's. They talk about last night and it's clear they didn't have sex but there's an intense bond between these two. It's like a new dawn for them both as the burden of hiding their feelings has been lifted. As they go for a walk in the park, Peter's totally honest about his feelings and how much he loves Carla.

Meanwhile a desperate Leanne has started calling hospitals and gives Peter's details to the police. Simon is desperate for his dad to come home for his nativity rehearsal, but as Peter ignores his phone, will he come to a decision about his future?

When Owen spots a driver delivering a batch of Christmas trees for Chesney, Owen sees his chance to get revenge on David and instructs the driver to pile them on the Platts' drive. David is frantically cleaning up for a visit from social services. So how will he react when he finds their drive piled high with Christmas trees, just as the social worker arrives?

Elsewhere, Karl suspects Lloyd and Stella are having an affair; Kirsty and Tina have another row; while Jason is unimpressed when he catches Eileen writing a Christmas card to Paul and Lesley.

8.30pm: Peter tells Carla that he'll go home now, do what he has to do, then meet her later. But when he arrives back on the street and is met by an angry Ken and a panic-stricken Leanne and Simon, it pulls at his heart-strings. Peter is expecting Leanne to go on the attack but she blames herself for putting him under pressure and risking losing him.

Faced with her guilt, Peter counters that she'll always face losing him - he's an alcoholic and when things get tough he will always drink, so they should split up now. It's a forceful tirade aimed to shock Leanne into ending their marriage, but will it work? And when Carla waits at the factory for Peter, will he come?

Meanwhile, Karl is now convinced that Stella and Lloyd are having an affair and confronts them in The Rovers. Lloyd is forced to admit that he made a pass as Karl tells him to stick his job and bars him from the pub. Having had enough, Lloyd tells Becky that it's time to sell up and leave. Her ears pricking up, Becky makes Lloyd an offer he can't refuse!

Elsewhere, Owen is seething to discover that his van's tyres have been let down; Kirsty is put out to hear that Tyrone and Fiz have history; and Eileen finds herself offering more help to Paul when he comes to thank her for the card.

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